Glasvezelprovider crystal Clear stands on the edge of bankruptcy


Crystal clear, an isp that has its services via the fibre optic network offers, is in heavy financial weather. Thereby, a bankruptcy would not be excluded. Crystal clear offers its services mainly in the Randstad and North-Brabant.

That sets the Eindhovens Dagblad, among others, with the director of crystal Clear has spoken. Crystal clear would no longer meet his payment obligations can be met. According to the ceo, Sander Waterfall, it will search for a solution, but it is still unclear whether that will succeed.

In addition to financial problems, many customers complain about the poor quality of the connections that perfectly Clear delivers. So would the internet connection be slow and the picture quality of the corresponding iptv service poor. Also, would the connections for a telephone sometimes is not to be established.

Crystal clear offers glasvezeldiensten in various cities, especially in the Randstad and Noord-Brabant. According to the isp there is, since 2012, access to the network of Reggefiber, which is crystal Clear, its catchment area could increase.