ARM invests in ceram-memory technology


ARM has money invested in Symetrix, a company that conducts research into correlated-electron ram, a relatively new type of non-volatile memory. Ceram would be further reduced than the current types of flash memory.

Ceram can according to Symetrix a good successor to the current nand-flashgeheugentechnologie that no further reduction could be up to a 20nm process. The Ceram-technology, an improved design compared to difficult to fabricate reram, would be scalable to 5nm, so say the creators. Also, the ceram-memory technology in socs can be integrated.

ARM has interest in the ceram-technology and has, according to the website Electronics360 decided to invest money in Symetrix. It is unclear yet how high the amount is, but ARM would have an interest in the technology on-term license.

Until now, ARM has been focused on processor technology. The company gives its chipontwerpen license to manufacturers. ARM chips are particularly popular in mobile phones and tablets thanks to the relatively low power consumption.