Sony: PS4 will eventually have support for mp3’s and cd’s


The PlayStation 4 will eventually have yet support for mp3’s and music cd’s. According to the boss of Sony Worldwide Studios is currently being investigated as to when and how such support could be added.

Shuhei Yoshida, boss of Sony Worldwide Studios, says in the Giant Bomb podcast that he had not expected that so much criticism would be the lack of mp3 and cd support. The lack of support for cds and mp3’s is in any case no plot to PS4 owners to force to become a subscriber of Sony’s Music Unlimited muziekstreamingdienst, ensures Yoshida.

The company is working on the introduction of that support, insured Yoshida, has yet to be determined how and when that will happen. It is not yet clear whether the PS4 in a future feature update also dlna support is given: also that is missing for now.