Political parties are questioning storage travel


Governing parties VVD and PvdA are negative towards a plan of minister Opstelten to the data of all Dutch citizens to save. Mps of those parties are not convinced of the necessity of the plan, but would also still not firing.

Both PvdA Mp Jeroen Recourt as his DUTCH colleague Klaas Dijkhoff is still not convinced. The plan, however, all of the job, such as The Telegraph Wednesday morning, writes, however, is too short-sighted, both parliamentarians. “I think it’s a little link to a plan to shoot that I don’t know” said Recourt. Also his right wing colleague Dijkhoff has no knots taken. “First I want to know what the exact plan is,” he says.

The parties, however, questioned the plan. “For the moment, I see the usefulness and the need there is not in,” said Recourt of the Labour party. “It is a heavy and unfocused means. You’re going to a register of the travel of all Dutch up to a small club to keep an eye on, that is already in the picture,” says Recourt. “That is not in balance.”

Dijkhoff of the liberal party (VVD) stated that there are still ‘many questions’. “I still need to be convinced of the usefulness and the necessity,” he says. “I wonder whose information you want to save and for how long, and who that data is permitted to access.” Dijkhoff is, moreover, curious to see how that would help people to pick up. “I’m not waiting on a vakantieregister of all,” said Dijkhoff.

Last week was the government’s plan for the reisregister known, but many details are still missing. So it is not entirely clear what data should be stored, how they are obtained and for how long the data in the registry. But it is clear that the particular data of air travel will go, and not, for example, data of the public transport travelers. The government wants to keep track of all foreign travel from the Netherlands and under more or keep an eye on a group of about two hundred young people in the Middle East goes to jihadstrijder’ to fight.