‘Astero lwa on a collision course to avert addition’


A proposal to the orbit of a astero lwa who on earth threatens to move to bend by means of addition, the first place won in the Move an Asteroid competition, which is sponsored by the UN. The reflection of sunlight would be enough pressure cause.

The proposal comes from Sung Wook Paek, a phd candidate at MIT’s Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics. He describes how an asteroid on a collision course with the earth, approached by a spaceship, that there were then large pellets full of white paint-powder on his. The paint on the surface allows for more reflection of sunlight, and the bounces of the photons would have enough power to yield to the workspace object of course do change.

Paek nam at his proposal of the asteroid Apophis as an example. This ruimterots with a diameter of 320 metres, shave in 2029 and then in 2036 flies past the earth. According to the student’s five tons of paint to the surface to cover and would the layers in two rounds made to be: first one for the front and if Apophis is gone, one more to the back. The estimate is that the next 20 years would take for the pressure of the solar radiation is sufficient to the job of the huge boulder from the earth to push.

“You can change the asteroid alone paints to make it easy to follow with telescopes from earth, so this method is in many ways useful,” says the student. His proposal won the 2012 Move an Asteroid Technical Paper competition, which is sponsored by the Space Generation Advisory Council of the United Nations. The purpose of this competition is to develop creative ideas to collect for the inslagprobleem, where the earth during its existence has to deal with.