Nvidia responds to criticism of Torvalds


Nvidia has in a press statement responded to the fierce criticism of Linus Torvalds. According to Nvidia, the company supports Linux fully, among others, with its propri lwa military drivers and carries with it the addition code for the ARM Linux kernel.

Torvalds took recently during a interview with students bright to Nvidia. The Linux-guru qualified Nvidia, among others, as “the most terrible company we have had,” and denounced the closed attitude towards developers that open-source drivers are trying to develop, such as the Nouveau team. Reason for the woedeuitbarsting of Torvalds was a question from a student that a laptop with Nvidia’s Optimus technology. For this functionality within a Linux-based operating system would be the hardware manufacturer provides no support.

In a response from the pr department of Nvidia the company that it has deliberately decided to offer proprietary drivers for all supported operating systems, including Linux. Nvidia’s own drivers would be in big lines the same OpenGL performance as in Windows and regular updates be provided. It also enables Nvidia that are almost all gpu variants in Linux support, such as GeForce-, Quadro – and Tesla-gpuseries. Finally, it points to Nvidia that the regular code right for the ARM kernel.

Nvidia is, however, no concrete promises that the support of the Optimus technology in Linux would be able to improve. The company claims that Optimus during the release for pcs with Windows 7 was intended, and that the community itself with its own Bumblebee-implementation still has the power saving features of Optimus under Linux, you can use. Also would Nvidia make some changes in his Optimus drivers have made to the ‘interaction’ with Bumblebee to improve.