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Hacker obtains root access on the firmware of Sony Bravia tv’s


A hacker using an exploit to root access to the Linux based firmware of Sony Bravia tv. Because of this, it is theoretically possible to upgrade the firmware to adapt or even software like XBMC on the hd tv’s to run.

To access the firmware on a Bravia set is a Python-script. This script, Nimue called, know via a buffer overflow root access, after which a Telnet server is started. This is via a usb network adapter of the device to access. The attacker that the exploit has been released, would be a version of Debian using a usb drive running have gotten on the device. The exploit would also be on virtually any Bravia-unit work, but a usb network adapter is needed according to the hacker.

Currently, someone with root access to Bravia-firmware is still not a lot, but the hacker is calling developers to see whether it is possible to opensourcemediacenter XBMC or similar software on the televisions of Sony on the to get.

Not only the tvs from Sony are the target of hackers; SamyGO focuses, for example, on the manipulation of firmware of Samsung devices. So, would SamyGO pvr functionality can be added to certain Samsung tvs, while also network shares via samba and nfs protocol are accessed.