Turkey blocks Pastebin and Tinyurl


Turkey has Pastebin and Tinyurl is blocked. Pastebin is no longer accessible because of Anonymous personal data of employees of the Turkish authority for telecom published. The data were from a hack can be obtained.

In mid-February were hackers under the Anonymous designation operated, managed, databases of the Turkish authority for information and communication technology to obtain. The hack took place as part of Operation Digiturk. This is to protest against the internet censorship in the country that has led to the blocking of thousands of sites, including Blogger.com and the popular inci.sozlukspot.com. In the past, were Turks also YouTube long time no see.

A user with the alias Unnamed_Anarchy placed e-mail addresses, usernames, unencrypted passwords and other data of employees of the telecominstantie on Pastebin. Turkish authorities tried to remove the data, but Pastebin didn’t respond to the complaints, after which the blockade was decided, writes the Turkish website Teknokulis.

In addition, it is also Tinyurl inaccessible. It is not clear what the reason is. The Turkish site Hurriyet schampert that technical those at the base will lie on the decision. Probably had a site blocked that the authorities via the linkverkorter in the order received.