Optimus Mini Six and popularis claim keyboards are ordering


The Russian design studio Art Lebedev is now taking orders for the popularis claim and Mini Six, the two new models in the Optimus series. The keyboards oled keys will come only in June and november 2012.

After a long period of radio silence makes Art Lebedev announced orders for the Optimus Mini Six and the Optimus popularis claim. The Mini Six need about 258 euros in costs and is equipped with six keys with oled screens, where the toetsafbeeldingen with the help of included software can be set up. The popularis claim is the smaller brother of the first Optimus-model, the Maximus, and need to 747 euro.

Both keyboards have the buttons less wide edges than the old models and also the resolution is jacked up from 48×48 to 64×64 pixels. The release date is set at June for the popularis claim while the Mini Six in november 2012 is expected. The repeatedly deferred Optimus Aux, which was originally created in 2008, it was announced, also in november 2012, come true. Lastly, the Russian design is known to be present will be at the CES 2012 trade show.