EA denies spying on Origin users


Game publisher Electronic Arts has denied that the client of downloaddienst Origin contains spyware. The program would be more in the monitor than the traffic between game and server. The publisher may stop responding thus the fuss in the German media.

EA speaks to the client from the Origin to violate the German privacy law. Origin is the downloaddienst that the publisher earlier this year introduced; the client is needed to the pc-version of the previous week appeared Battlefield 3 to play.

In a declaration says the publisher: “We have no access to information such as pictures, documents or personal data that have nothing to do with the turning of the Origin in the system of the player. Such data is also not collected by us. EA takes the privacy of its players very seriously. We have every precaution taken for the protection of personal and anonymous data that we collect.” The publisher decides the statement: “Origin is not spyware, and we will not use spyware to install on the pc of the user.”

To cater to the complaints that the end user license agreement of Origin infringes the laws of germany, has EA that has been adapted. The adjustment is done “in the best interest of our players’ and ‘to clarify’. According to the publisher, did the user agreement of the standards within the industry to apply. EA says it is prepared to order with the German government to work together to ensure that the agreement to the German legislation.

The software of EA caused a fuss in the German media when users complain that the client is more than for which it was intended. So would Origin, among other files from an accounting program and an application for a mobile phone in the keep track of. German gamers decided their copy of Battlefield 3 to bring back, and chain stores such as Saturn and Media Market were forced the games to take back, even though it was the serial number already been used.