The fight against Aids: “The work is not done”



The fight against Aids: “The work is not done”

For five days, Aids experts have discussed in Durban. How can the immune eradicated weakness of the disease by the year 2030? Doctors and aid agencies took advantage of the end of the Aids conference for an appeal.

The international Aids conference in South Africa ended with a call for providing more resources for the fight against the immunodeficiency disease. The HIV expert, Linda-Gail Bekker, new President of the International Aids society, said in front of thousands of delegates in Durban: “The work is not quite done.”

Alone during the five days of the conference, 15,000 people died of Aids, more than 28,000 more have been infected with the HI Virus, including 1,500 young people in South Africa alone, added Bekker. The outraged and frightened by you. There is no reason to “self-satisfaction”.

Million Dead

More than 15,000 scientists, activists, politicians, and financiers had to advise in the port city on the Indian ocean on the fight against the immunodeficiency disease, which fell in 35 years, more than 30 million people to the victims.

The United Nations have set themselves the goal of Aids by 2030, eradicate. The number of new infections worldwide dropped, according to the UN Organisation UNAIDS, since 2010, at least six percent. However, in some regions of the world, the infection rates are rising again, most dramatically in Russia. In addition, the majority of those Affected are still unable to access medicines: Worldwide current information life, according to 36.7 million people living with HIV or Aids. Only 17 million of them to get drugs.

Money is missing

In addition, the funds from the donor for the fight against Aids in worrying decline. According to a this week in Durban, presented the UNAIDS study on the resources of 8.6 billion Dollar in 2014, to 7.5 billion dollars last year.

Silke Klumb

“The historic opportunity to get HIV and Aids in the grip, we must not miss,” said the managing Director of the German Aids-Hilfe, Silke Klumb. The Federal government should go ahead and the German contributions to the Global Fund against Aids, Malaria and tuberculosis to 400 million euros per year.

In two months, the global Fund is meeting in Canada to fight Aids, tuberculosis and Malaria. He is trying to raise donor organisations and governments at least $ 13 billion for its next three-year funding cycle. Without this total, 21 million people are in danger in the next six years, to be dying of Aids and 28 million with the HI Virus, such as the Global Fund Advocates Network said this week.

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