Chronology: the fear of terrorism in Germany



Chronology: the fear of terrorism in Germany

Islamists do not bow to Germany: no longer the Federal Republic of Germany is in the crosshairs of terror. Here is an Overview of attempted attacks and acts of bloodshed. The Tathintergrund in Munich is still open.

Police officers with assault covers a subway entrance in Munich

July 2016 – Würzburg

On Monday evening a 17-year-old refugee from Afghanistan attacked in Würzburg, Germany in a train, several passengers with an axe and a knife. Several people are heavy, and the part injured life-threatening. The offender will be shot on the run from the police. The attack is clearly motivated by Islamist: There is a video appeared, in which the young man expresses. Later, the terrorist militia “Islamic state” (IS) claimed the fact. If the 17-Year-old had actually contact with the IS, is unclear. The investigators assume that he was self-radicalized.

Police forces are on a dirt road in Würzburg – in accordance with the Axtangriff in the train

May 2016 – Düsseldorf

Three suspected members of the terrorist organization “Islamic state” in North Rhine-Westphalia, Brandenburg and Baden-Württemberg. The authorities assume that they planned, together with a fourth, in France, imprisoned jihadists a stop in the bustling old town of düsseldorf. Two bombers should blow up, therefore, with explosives vests in the air, two more should kill with guns and explosives as many civilians.

February 2016 – Berlin

The police of a suspected terror cell on the ropes, and hits at the same time in Berlin, North Rhine-Westphalia and lower Saxony. The four suspects, Algerians should have planned a stop in Berlin. But it was in the early stages of crosses.

April 2015 – Oberursel

The Hessian police arrest in Oberursel, a couple with Background, the to have planned an attack. Target a race, as a precaution, has been cancelled. In the basement of the couple’s investigators found a viable pipe bomb. The man is sentenced to two and a half years in prison – for forgery and illegal weapons and explosives possession. The main accusation of preparing a serious seditious act of violence, the court had before fall. There is no “sufficiently concrete” Anhalt saw that the man “acted with the mental proximity” to the IS-terrorist militia. The investigation against his wife were set.

December 2012 – Bonn

In Bonn’s main train station is found in a sports bag, a explosive device. The office of the attorney General of an attempted terrorist attack with an Islamist Background. 2013 will be arrested four Suspects, the to have planned an attack on the chief of the extreme-right splinter group “Pro NRW”. One should have deposited the bomb in Bonn. The alleged terrorists will be made in September 2014 in Düsseldorf in the process.

The bomb in the bag failed: surveillance images from the Bonn Central station

April 2011 – Düsseldorf

Investigators arrest in Düsseldorf, Germany three alleged Al-Qaeda members who had planned a bomb attack in Germany. In December 2011, will be taken in Bochum a fourth alleged member of the “düsseldorf cell”. The four men will be sentenced at the end of 2014 to more years in prison.

March 2011 – Frankfurt am Main

In March 2011, however, an Islamist attack on the airport of Frankfurt am Main could not be prevented. A Kosovo Albanian shot dead two US soldiers and seriously injured two more. He was sentenced to life imprisonment.

The assassin from Frankfurt climbed into the Bus, to US soldiers to attack

September 2007 – Upper Schledorn, Sauerland

The Islamist “Sauerland-group”. In 2010, the four members are talking about this planned terrorist attacks on discos, airports and U.S. installations in Germany guilty: you must up to twelve years in prison.

In court: members of the so-called Sauerland-group

July 2006 – Cologne

In Cologne main station, two men to place in suitcases hidden explosive devices in regional trains to Hamm and Koblenz. The time fuse bombs do not explode, however. In December 2008, the “suitcase bomber of Cologne, is sentenced” to life imprisonment.