BKA investigates IS threats against Germany


“Islamic State”

BKA investigates IS threats against Germany

The Federal criminal police office evaluates new assassination threats by the IS terrorist militia. On the Internet a Video was surfaced, calling for attacks in Germany, following the model of the Brussels bombings.

“Do what your brothers in Belgium, you too!” is a photo montage that shows the smoke-veiled Cologne-Bonn airport. In addition, a man in combat gear, looking at the building. Another propaganda image shows the Chancellery in flames. “Germany is a battlefield,” reads the inscription.

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Five Kalashnikovs and a lot of explosives In an apartment in a Paris suburb, a Frenchman has worn an Arsenal of weapons. The investigators are convinced that they have foiled a serious terrorist act. (30.03.2016)

In spite of Brussels and Paris: The number of attacks in Europe has decreased since the 70s. The perceived threat has risen. How do they fit together? (29.03.2016)

After the terrorist attacks in Brussels and terror alerts for Europe, is determined in all directions. Also, the jihadi returnees are in focus. In Germany, the knowledge about they are now more comprehensive. (29.03.2016)

A total of been published according to the observation of extremist groups specialist US company Site five images with Calls to attacks. All have been published, therefore, via the short message service Twitter, and to wear the Logo of the IS-propaganda service Furat Media. Along with the pictures were disseminated according to the Site, only Arabic Translations of the image inscriptions via Twitter.

BKA: No new danger

The “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” reported on a Video in the even Frankfurt airport will be shown. The short sequence was probably copied from a TV program and not from the extremists themselves have been filmed, reported the sheet, citing the Hessian Constitution protection. The sequence was not as a concrete threat, was quoted by the newspaper, a spokeswoman for the authority.

A spokeswoman for the Federal criminal police office said, with a view on the on Twitter popular stop calls, experts evaluated the images currently. “It is clear that Germany is in the crosshairs of international terrorism and that attacks can happen.” The new Video change but nothing to the current risk assessment. According to the Brussels-based attacks Federal government had declared the interior Minister, Thomas de Maiziere, last week, currently in lengths no evidence of imminent attacks in Germany. “The situation is tense,” he explained.

In the case of the suicide attacks on Tuesday of last week in the Brussels airport and in the metro were killed, according to the Belgian government 32 people, three of the bombers died.

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