“Developer makes HomeKit-bridge to control a Raspberry Pi”


A developer is working on a HomeKit bridge that allows iOS devices remotely with a Raspberry Pi or a BeagleBoard Black can operate. An iOS app is reportedly in the pipeline. Possible, in the long term, also a version for Android.

The initiative comes from the Austrian programmer Matthias Hochgatterer. His idea for the bridge – HomeControl – came when he and his iPhone a UVR1611 remotely wanted to operate. The UVR1611 is a universal, freely programmable controller which in Austria is used to manage, for example, solar panels or boilers.

Hochgatterer caught on quickly to the plan in order to make use of Apple’s HomeKit api. This enables the remote devices in the home with an iOS device to be operated. The Austrian had only do not possess the necessary documentation, because Apple only provided if someone is also associated hardware. Hockgatterer had through reverse engineering application development.

Meanwhile, the programmer, are HomeControl-bridge made suitable for the UVR1611 controller, LIFX bulbs and the olp425-bluetooth module for the BeagleBoard computer. Soon the application for the operating devices in the App Store, he wrote. In addition, he is considering also a android version. This is possible because HomeControl is written in Google’s Go, a programming language that since version 1.4 also Android apps are to make. That way would Go a bridge can form between Android and HomeKit, which is normally closed to everything except iOS.

Source: YouTube/Matthias Hockgatterer