“Blank zones, it may not give a”


“Blank zones, it may not give a”

In dealing with refugees warns of the competent Freiburg’s mayor, Ulrich von Kirchbach, in the DW-Interview in front of Him. A Nachtclubverbot against refugees is illegal, he stressed.

Deutsche Welle: Herr von Kirchbach. Any foreigner in Freiburg, not in Nightclubs?

Ulrich von Kirchbach: to describe would be very truncated. Since the city of the incidents so far, but also just from the press has been informed, we want everyone Involved this week
Round Table
invite. We want to especially discuss the prevention and security concepts, we can work out. It is clear that a
Prohibition for refugees
or foreigners legally would not be allowed. This would, among other things, against the Anti-discrimination notices.

You keep the Whole thing for a security problem?

To us has never been put forward, that there are problems. Also the police were not aware of circumstances, therefore, are for me few measures of the Diskobetreiber. The fact is, of course, that women are not harassed. The Dignity of man is inviolable. The sexual self-determination is one of the highest goods of our society and of course, there must be no lawless spaces.

“Offences of refugees in Freiburg are disproportionately”, says Ulrich von Kirchbach.

You can use the accusation to understand, on the left political side, one on the subject of “refugees” blind in one eye?

This allegation, I can absolutely not understand. We do not make any differences in those with unlawful behavior. I see, however, conversely, the risk that such incidents of conservative side to be manipulated. Because some people try really set the mood against refugees and foreigners. We need to stop in Black-and-White categories to think about. And part of this is that we never ever action against a whole group pronounce, for the few only are responsible, and all have then to pay the price.

Freiburg is so far for its open, tolerant way of living. They are afraid of the reputation of the city?

We have a very large welcome. Two thousand people are to volunteer in the Flüchtingswohnheimen active. The police has confirmed to us that almost all who come to us, rechtstreu behavior. The increase of crime is disproportionate to the number of refugees.

I have the impression that currently it’s all in a paste mixed together and it is also sometimes the wrong conclusions are drawn. I believe that in the current Situation, it is especially important to be calm in the debate reinzubekommen. Then you can also be very different to deal with this issue.

Ulrich von Kirchbach (SPD) is Sozialbürgermeister in Freiburg. He is responsible for culture, social issues, and the Integration of refugees.