How to Stop Google Calendar From Opening Maps in the Sidebar


Google Calendar integrates several other Google apps on the web. One is Google Maps, which is in the sidebar and opens when you select an address. If you don’t like this feature, though, you can disable it.

If you click an address in an event, it will open a preview of the location in the right sidebar. To open the location on the Google Maps website, you click “Open in Maps.” This is an extra step some people might want to avoid.

Thankfully, eliminating it is very simple. If you’re unfamiliar with the Google Maps sidebar feature, here’s how it works.

Head to the Google Calendar site in a web browser and find an event with a location.

When you click the link, the sidebar opens with a Google Maps preview of the location. Click “Open in Maps” to see the location on the Google Maps website.

To disable this, you simply need to hide the sidebar. Close anything that’s open in the sidebar so you only see the app shortcuts.

Next, click the Arrow (>) at the bottom right to hide the sidebar.

The sidebar will now be hidden. You’ll only see a little tab with an arrow to expand the applet window.

Now, whenever you click an address, it will take you directly to Google Maps.


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