How to Stop iPhone Widget Stacks From Automatically Changing


Widget stacks are a great way to cycle through multiple widgets on your iPhone’s home screen. Annoyingly, iOS automatically changes widgets based on the time of day and your usage. Here’s how to stop iPhone widget stacks from automatically changing.

Starting in iOS 14, Apple introduced widgets on the iPhone home screen. There’s a built-in Smart Stack widget that automatically cycles through widgets in the stack. It’s supposed to show you the correct widget at the right time. For example, it will show you the Calendar widget when you have an upcoming appointment and your personal photos at night.

While the Smart Stack widget is quite useful, the problem is that every widget stack you create manually also becomes a smart stack because it has the Smart Rotate feature enabled. If you are customizing your home screen with multiple widget stacks, you might want consistency. It might be jarring to come back to your iPhone with all your widgets showing something different.

Turning off the Smart Rotate feature stops widget stacks from automatically changing. First, let’s take a look at the process of creating a widget stack.

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Go to a home screen on your iPhone and tap and hold on an empty part of the display. Now, tap the “+” button in the top-left corner. You’ll see a widget selection screen. Tap on an app to see every widget available for the app.

Now, select a widget (small, medium, or large size) and tap the “Add Widget” button to add the widget to your home screen.

To create a widget stack, you need more than one widget. You can add up to 10 widgets to a stack.

Again, press the “+” button from the home screen editing view (Jiggle mode) and select an app. Navigate to the widget you want to add to the stack. It has to be the same size as the previous widget. Now, tap and hold the widget preview.

The widget will now start floating. You’ll see your home screen again. Keep your finger on the screen and bring the new widget on top of the old widget.

Once they’re on top of each other (and you see a gray outline around the widgets), lift your finger. You have just created a widget stack. You can repeat this process to add more widgets.

Now, to disable the Smart Rotate feature, tap on the widget when you’re in the home screen editing mode.

If you’re not in the home screen editing mode, you can press and hold the widget stack and choose the “Edit Stack” option.

Here, from the top of the screen, tap the toggle next to the “Smart Rotate” option to disable the feature.

The widget stack will now stop changing and rotating randomly.

Customizing your iPhone home screen? Kick things up a notch by creating your own custom widgets!

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