An Official Aston Martin Race Car Simulator Can Be Yours for Just 75 Grand

Aston Martin

Aston Martin, famed manufacturer of cars of both the race- and spy- variety, is getting outside of its comfort zone.  The British company is offering up a luxury racing simulator, complete with a cockpit modeled after the Valkyrie supercar, a painstakingly accurate steering force-feedback steering wheel and pedals, and a massive curved monitor where the dashboard would be.

The AMR-C01 Racing Simulator was developed in cooperation with Curv Racing, a UK-based vendor that doesn’t seem to have any other products to show. Aston Martin designed and provided the all carbon-fiber shell, with a front grille reminiscent of its signature luxury cars. Why a simulator needs to be made of ultra-expensive lightweight materials when it doesn’t actually move is only a relevant question for plebeians who have to think about mundane things like living expenses.

Aston Martin

The simulator’s wheel includes integrated paddle shifters and clutch, nine dials and twelve buttons, and a secondary display for even more car info. More technical information—like whether there’s a gaming PC in there to play Assetto Corsa or you merely plug one into the thing—wasn’t included in the PDF info packet. (The monitor looks like a Samsung CHG90, for what it’s worth, which is about $900.) Aston Martin does say that it developed the simulator for both eSports players and pro racers who need a dedicated sim rig.

Aston Martin

It hardly matters whether or not the simulator includes a PC. If you can afford the £57,500 starting price (just under $75,000 in American dollars, not including taxes or delivery!), you can afford a gaming PC on top of it, and whatever ridiculous luxuries are offered as custom trim. Aston Martin says it plans to start the first deliveries of the AMR-C01 by the end of the year.

Source: Curv via Engadget