How to Customize the Google Widget on Android


Google Search is one of the most popular widgets on Android smartphones and tablets. It most likely even came preloaded on your device’s Home screen. Did you know you can customize how it looks? It’s easy and fun to do!

To get started, tap and open the Google app on your Android phone or tablet. You can also tap the Google logo on the Search widget.

Next, tap “More” in the bottom bar.

From there, select “Customize Widget.”

Here, you can customize the Google logo, the search bar, the background color, and even widget transparency. Tap each category to tweak it to your liking.

When you’re finished, tap “Done” at the top right.

There are tons of different design combinations you can select to match the look of your Home screen. Any Google Search widgets you have on the Home screen will then reflect your customization choices.


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