Trail – Holy Week Life


You know what is a trim trail? Clear, a with obstacles and suggestions provided route for the own body of exercise.

Sure you what is a nature trail knowledge, a course to expand his knowledge about the Flora and Fauna, about the nature or refresh.

Even if the churches remain because of the Corona pandemic empty and we put on ourselves, we must admit: With the morning, the beginning of Holy week ends, we go now to a type of life teaching the path. Because of palm Sunday, the Christians of the feeder of Jesus remembrance in Jerusalem, is first. With Hosanna-singing, he is received by an enthusiastic crowd as the successor to the legendary king David. Yes, you put him on a carpet of palm branches and garments at his feet, so he can be worthy of moving into the Royal city of Jerusalem. A bath in the cheering crowd, a ‘large station’, the Showered with applause – all this is only a brief snapshot. Because the screaming today, “Hosanna”, cry tomorrow “crucify him”. So you experienced it for mostly harmless on any football field but also in the policy. Any applause is worth it to distrust him thoroughly. We should know by the applause Umbra were moving into the Jerusalem of our personal success, we put it back on a borrowed donkey. Such animals interference are generic.

Slave to the service of the washing of the feet

The next Station on the life path of the green is Thursday. Also here is a really ridiculous Virus urges us in this community goal event to be alone. This allows us to but this is also a distanced viewing. Christians commemorate this day of the last supper of Jesus. Of this feast, the people are United with each other and with Christ, has not been self-excluded is a Judas. This sign of the close relationship of God and man, Christians have organized in denominational particularism, an embarrassing bickering. But we celebrate this feast in all the denominational difference determination still, which is a cause for hope. Because: a lot more than separates us, unites us Christians. Of course, have (done like people everywhere), the Christians of all denominations, with the other characters of the green Thursdays-heavy, with the slave-service of the washing of the feet.

You can’t tolerate to celebrate, so I think, really hochgemut worship, if not also the example of Jesus, according to the low People. And here, too, the Corona of a pandemic asks us to the seriousness of our service. The only real high priest, Christ took care of in front of the ‘high mass’, first to the Dirt of the bottom sole of his Disciples. Maybe the one who celebrate the high sacred Feast, in front of the low mundane work but wants to press excommunicated themselves. Who occurs for the small things to great, is for the big things too small. The Coexistence of supper (Liturgy), and foot-washing (diakonia) is the whole Intention of Jesus. Christians are not a global leisure club.

From Pontius to Pilate

The good Friday is the third Station on this life learning path. You sent Jesus from Pontius to Pilate, tortures him blows with the Scourge and crown of thorns, and leaves him after a any justice hohnspreche process through the alley to the Gaffer and gawkers carrying his cross. Publicly disgraced, and exposed eventually he dies like a criminal on the cross. With the words, “my God, My God why have you forsaken me!” (Mt 27: 46/HP 22,2) and “father, into your hands I commend my spirit!” (Lk, a 23.45/Ps 31,6) by measures of confidence in prayer the abyss between despair and God. We can make it, given the dog a thousand times, a fatal pandemic, and refugee crises of our day in prayer from despair to trust in God?

Also, we will not bring our lives from A to Z cross-Fidel, but cross paths and the cross of our life need to wear. We can learn of Christ who is under the burden of the cross, bent his way, the upright gait.

The fourth Station is the Holy Saturday. As it is, the despair of enduring silence on the life and the load at the end of Death, meets us at the graves of our Loved ones and on the graves of the nameless dead of the story. It is not buried and everything remains under the turf of oblivion. In the Silence of Holy Saturday, the hope is that us, if you squeeze us, the eyes are long since risen, the eye is formed. The Silence of Holy Saturday, to sharpen our ear for the almost in disbelief, as communicated to the Easter message and the tentatively referred to the Easter Alleluia.

The darkness of the Easter vigil, sharpens our eye for the first twilight of the Easter morning, for the light of the Easter candle and the illumination of the night every death the end of light of life. We use this Holy week as a life learning path, as a course for life and to life.


Author information:
Prof. Dr. Ulrich Lüke is a theologian (ordained as a priest in 1980), and biologist and conducts research with the border area between the two disciplines. Doctorate on the topic of Evolutionary epistemology and theology, Habilitation on the topic of Bio-theology.