With a heart and a passion: the Dortmund game is turning against Inter Milan


Borussia Dortmund turns a memorable game against Inter Milan and should take more hope in the first knockout round in the Champions League. Also, because Achraf Hakimi is not going to stop.

He beamed all over his face, jumped on the Advertising band and stretched out his hands in front of the Dortmund night sky. Achraf Hakimi had just scored the decisive 3:2 (0:2). It was the 77. Game minute of an entertaining Champions League match between Borussia Dortmund and Inter Milan. An evening with two completely different half times. “If everything would be perfect, then it would be boring,” said Julian Brandt, who had scored the 2:2 compensation hit. “You can see that we need to improve still. But I’m sure that there are still what is to come.”

Top scorer and fan favorite of the Evening: Hakimi

Despite the positive end result is likely to coach Lucien Favre, the first 45 minutes once again, a more detailed analysis. The faint idea of his team had drawn the displeasure of one’s own pendant on. Desert insults from the stands accompanied the bad passes and the sometimes poor battle management of the BVB Stars on the lawn. “The first half was not so weak of us, but without the necessary pressure to the front,” said Mats Hummels on the microphone in DAZN, and showed with his team’s performance in the second pass, a bit surprised. “The work is so impressive, I wouldn’t have thought of that.”

Hakimi makes all the difference

A day after his 21st birthday. Birthday it was Hakimi, that woke up his team-mates after the break. After great preparation from Mario Götze, the Moroccans, for 1:2 connection hit hit to 26 minutes later, highly personal for the decision. “He was everywhere,” said a satisfied Borussia Coach Favre. “He was extremely offensive. That was very, very good.”

By the victory against Milan, Dortmund can now hope to enter the round of sixteen. With now seven points on the account, the Favre-Team occupies the second place with still two remaining games in Barcelona and against Prague at home.

Hakimi: “I’m a different Achraf”

Hakimi, who else? The loan player from Real Madrid scored four goals in the current Champions League season and thus 80 percent of all BVB matches. In his second season at the Dortmund themselves Hakimi has developed into a real performer. “I think I’ve improved since my arrival, piece by piece. I’m a new Achraf,” said Hakimi in October in an Interview with the Spanish newspaper “AS”.

Quickly and clarified in front of the gate: Dortmund Hakimi when you hit the 3:2

Can keep the BVB Hakimi in Dortmund? The contract with Real Madrid runs out next year, an option to purchase the Dortmund, so the chances are rather low that the Moroccans will also be in the next season in Dortmund on the pitch. “We will do everything to oblige him,” said BVB Boss Hans-Joachim Watzke in the süddeutsche Zeitung. “We would like to keep him.”

On Saturday BVB to Munich for the big game against Bayern Munich. With the victory against Milan in the back, the BVB enough self-confidence in their Luggage, to be able to there are – also because of Favre and his Team can rely on Achraf Hakimi.

Interested delivery as the game in detail? Here you can read the course of the game once again:

The final WHISTLE

90.+4 Minute: Alacer has a counter, the 4:2 on the foot, forgives but reckless.

90.+3 Minute: Sensi plays Martinez at, with his back to goal, decides to fall for the free-kick is far too little.

90.+2 Minute: Hakimi senst his opponent with a hard tackle away, but actually the Ball – he manages today apparently everything.

90. Minute: Dortmund want the final whistle – even the so-level-headed Lucien Favre is wild gesticulating on the lawn – far outside of his Coaching Zone.

85. Minute: The BVB seems to be able to now actually cool down and play this game over the course of the rail after passage 1 is impossible.

82. Minute: EXCHANGE – Sancho, in place of a, for him comes veteran LUKAS PISZCZEK.

79. Minute: Incredibly, after this first half: after the 3:2 BVB Inter has nothing to offer. The Italians were set on a loose second passage and no longer be able to flip the switch now.

77. Minute: GOAL – ACHRAF HAKIMI 3:2 – madness! Hakimi conquered time, as so often today the Ball is to the front to Sancho, who gives the Ball perfectly back into the barrel of the Moroccan and his second goal of the Evening allows.

77. Minute: All the players, to Roman Bürki, in the Inter half.

74. Minute: Schulz caught Politano at the ankle – not on purpose, but the Dortmunder is full with the Slippers on it. Politano needs to be treated and is limping, then first from the square.

73. Minute: EXCHANGE – MATTEO POLITANO replaces Romelu Lukaku.

71. Minute: Schulz is by Barella rudely umgegrätscht. A short Cry, then a free – kick for BVB.

68. Minute: EXCHANGE – Inter coach Conte goes double: Biraghi and Vecino are going to come up STEFANO SENSI and VALENTINO LAZARO.

65. Minute: CHANGE & GOAL – Borussia Dortmund is back! JULIAN BRANDT with 2:2. And this is curious, because: PACO ALCACER, the Mario Götze replaced, comes from the Bank, ran away and was informing Brozovic, not with him expecting, just the Ball of the foot. The entire Inter defence is perplexed, Brandt switches, pulling in the penalty area and pushes the Ball thinking into the far corner.

63. Minute: power Hakimi steam on the right side, his shot goes past the far post.

61. Minute: Brandt goes to one against One and returns the Ball sharply to the inside, where Götze narrowly missed the good action.

59. Minute: Long Ball to Lukaku, and is felt ten meters in Offside. On closer Inspection, but: Lukaku is the player only minimally be in an Offside position, but the fact that Hummels (again) moves vigorously out of a sudden a crazy amount of space. Offside Yes, but it is equally a mistake by the BVB Central defenders.

57. Minute: for a Long time seemed to be the maximum of unlikely here, but: The BVB is in charge, Inter impressed. And also the acoustics on the Rängrn right now.

55. Minute: flank Hazard, Brandt touches the Ball with the tuft and on the second post comes Witsel is just a step too late.

54. Minute: corner for BVB, Akanji tried it with the hoe, shot, back corner.

54. Minute: Götze and Brandt want it in the Inter penalty area on the beer cover to play – sadly not.

52. Minute: goal by ACHRAF HAKIMI! Brandt with a high-risk, cross pass, arrive, but then it quickly goes out on idol that serves the mitgelaufenen Hakimi in the middle of the pattern to be valid.

50. Minute: The BVB so far, don’t get the impression that he was against the abgezockten Milan in the second pass, the recipe for success is familiar. Can be…

48. Min: Candreva breaks Weigl at the center circle completely unnecessary way, and sees the Yellow card.


Inter caught cold BVB directly: A position error from Hummels, Lautaro Martinez uses by running the available space perfectly and in the style of a world-class striker untenable for Bürki to complete. Dortmund then largely haphazard, if then it is possible Götze to make the game quickly and put the players in the scene. But the really big opportunities do not come against the strong Inter defence to be able to. Better make it the guests present one of their few attacks in perfection, and by Vecino 2:0 lead. The abgeklärtere Team leads at half-time against the more active.

45.+1 min: Witsel with an attempt from distance go off target.

45. Minute: Dortmund with a hand-ball type game, again and again, it’s all about the Inter penalty area, but the decisive ball comes not at the end clarifies the Inter striker Lukaku in the penalty area.

40. Minute: GATE The 2:0 for Inter! Brozovic is a five-man, Martinez, was great, the page breaks from the ankle to Candreva who plays in the back of the defense, where finally, MATIAS VECINO dry and untenable conclusion. An attack from the category of “world-class”.

38. Minute: a metaphor for the Dortmund Dilemma: Hazard plays and de Vrij is immediately on the feet – of the Belgians at the center circle for the first time in the direction of his own goal to run the Ball to keep Inter makes the strong.

36. Minute: Brandt drives the Ball forward and then the right Moment for the player. Be the Ball, but it has enough Power and died before he reached Hakimi – the is to little at this level.

32. Minute: Sancho tried it with a slope for Hazard, but Godin can before the Belgians clarify.

31. Minute: a corner by Hazard, on the second pole rises Hummels high and sails just on the Ball over.

30. Minute: Götze sends Hakimi with a fine Pass, Skriniar the Dortmunder only from the rear, contouring, and look for Yellow – again a good move for Dortmund, and again it was Fast and straightforward.

28. Minute: Götze in double-pass with Hakimi. But first, the a is of no use and secondly, it takes place in the half – symptomatic.

26. Minute: The game has a little bit of momentum lost, interacts observant, and pressed more, BVB – you must say so, in the absence of the ideas and resources.

22. Minute: Lukaku knocks the Ball on to the post – shock moment for BVB. However, the Belgians stood clearly in an Offside position.

22. Minute: Martinez occurs in the case of an edge ball, over the ball and then thought about for Brozovic on the warp.

19. Minute: Brandt, with a strong side exchange to Hakimi, the flat and sharp you can get. Götze can’t handle the Ball properly and bring it to Central on Handanovic. But: Just as it can go.

18. Minute: Götze is deep to the balls to get. This, however, leads naturally to the front of the scan stations are missing.

16. Minute: Hakimi tried it with a Sprint on the right side, its edge but not in the centre of the corner.

14. Minute: Weigls long Ball is well thought of, but ultimately too long for Sancho, whose mixture of shot and edge Handanovic will not jeopardize can.

13. Minute: Akanji with a bad false passport, but the BVB conquered the Ball back quickly and plays fast forward. Hazard’s Ball to Sancho does not come then but in the top of the box to the man.

12. Min: High Ball into the Inter penalty area, the Ball in Ping-Pong fashion, back and forth, but neither Götze nor Brandt can process it.

10. Min: Witsel puts Lukaku under pressure and captured the Ball, Hummels and Hazard start. However, the Belgian won the Ball with a challenge on his compatriot – the whistle stops the BVB.

9. Min: Witsel sends fire into the penalty area, the ball and Götze wants to give. However, the action of BVB-new arrival fails.

8. Minute: The first regular trains Dortmund: Schulz has left a lot of space, but plays back to Witsel, instead of flanks.

5. Minute: GOAL LAUTARO MARTINEZ runs through the penalty area and network a. Hummels loses the aerial duel against Martinez, then this is free and the few with advanced BVB players, including Hummels, such as slalom poles and Bürki with his conclusion to the short corner.

4. Minute: Inter’s attacking the BVB all the way up, still have the Dortmunder no line in their build-up play get.

1. Minute: inter’s CRISTIANO BIRAGHI and Hakimi deliver a running duel with a high Tempo, the Milan falls the Dortmunder rudely and sees the YELLOW CARD.


At 20:57: Who’s the black-and-yellow home team?

20 p.m.: The lineups , as expected, is missing BVB-captain Marco Reus is injured. For that Mario Götze is in today’s starting lineup of Borussia coach Lucien Favre.

Dortmund: Bürki; Hakimi, Akanji, Hummels, Schulz – Witsel, Weigl – Sancho, Brandt, Hazard, Götze

Inter: Handanovic; Godin, De Vrij, Skriniar – Candreva, Vecino, Brozovic, Barella, Biraghi – Lukaku, Lautaro Martinez

At 19:20: The balance sheet – the most recent comparison, the pace of the BVB as mentioned with 0:2 in San Siro stadium in Milan. And also the total balance is for the Black-and-Yellow negative: five of the previous game in duels with the “Nerazzurri” won with Dortmund just one: In March 1994, the BVB won 2:1 in Milan thanks to goals from Michael Zorc and Lars Ricken. Inter won five consecutive meetings with Dortmund three, a duel in a draw ended.

The duel between the Dortmund and Inter Milan is a kind of endgame for second place in the group, finally, the direct comparison of counts in case of equal points, first. Can return the favor of the BVB for the 0:2 first leg defeat? We are with our DW-live coverage from 20:45 clock live.