Sink ships: Roland Emmerich’s new Film “Midway”


The battle of the Midway Islands as a bombastic war film: Roland Emmerich is at it again with a Bang. “Midway” is a digital extravaganza about a analog war.

Roland Emmerich is one of the most commercially successful Directors in the world. But as a German cinema figurehead in Hollywood would probably call it no one. His films are too much like other big Blockbuster movies and only differ in the nuances of Hollywood films of American Directors. So also his latest epic: “Midway”.

He had paid attention to the fact that the opponents of the US soldiers would not appearance in “Midway”, the Japanese, as a soulless loser, said Roland Emmerich in various Interviews in the run-up to the world premiere of “Midway”. What he wants to say is clear: Look, I’m not a martial war movies with a clear dualism of Good and Evil. That’s right.

“Midway” is a digital portrait of the Battle of the lake for the cinema

However, the big commercial Hollywood cinema has developed in the past decades. War movies in the 1950s, with a clear Patriotic position, barely. Emmerich is not a pioneer. His “Midway”-spectacle offers over two hours of battle scenes at sea and in the air, with all the digital Tricks that the cinema of Today.

US soldiers in action: pithy, tight, determined

And Emmerich’s criticism, in the case of “Pearl Harbor” (2001), another great war film from the recent past, were fighter aircraft not been shown that were there to use, apply like. The carefully working Emmerich would not happen probably. But these are trivialities which are likely to attract a large audience, hardly. The effect of a war film such as “Midway” does not depend on such Details.

An “Anti-war film,” is not “Midway”

It is a fact that “Midway” is a war movie with lots of Action, a huge material battle on the screen, the display of the stout soldier of performances and spells. And the “right” winner in the end, the United States. For shades much space remains. “Midway” is not an anti-war film – if indeed there can be such a thing.

Roland Emmerich

“Midway” shows the historical battle of the Pacific Midway Islands in June 1942, which meant a decisive turn in favor of the previously defeated the Americans in the Second world war.

Is introduced the Film with the attack by Japanese air forces on the us naval base in Pearl Harbor half a year before, an American Trauma. Then, the viewers will witness the attempt of the U.S. armed forces, the sheet will apply to. The Midway Islands were the most Western outposts of the Americans in the Pacific. In the several thousand miles of a war zone to the lake, the Islands were useful for both sides, for the United States Navy and the Imperial Japanese Navy.

“Midway”: aircraft, sinking ships, maneuver meetings

As the battle preparations of both sides will be carried out, as the parties try the opponent’s clock to always be back behind the light, and what is the role of the Radio intelligence plays, this is certainly set to be exciting in the scene. But is used only in the preparation of the cinematic “highlights”: the many scenes in which the planes fight in the air or try to sink ships.

Fire, what keeps the tool….

The Sinking of ships, in the long term. It is based in Emmerich on the historical situation: the Decisive factor at that time was to put the aircraft carrier of the opponent in checkmate. The machinations of the generals the Film shows in detail. However, all of this leads to the other, and with the help of digital knitting technology scene set in sequences in which burning ships, crashing planes or dropped bombs are to be seen. In these scenes, and they dominate the movie, “Midway” is little more than a normal, action-Packed war movie.

Emmerich is not prasst with the money, tax his Film are still

Roland Emmerich is a pleasant interlocutor, a wise head, a Director, who shot all the Tricks and technical finesse of his profession. “In me you see the money on screen,” he revealed at the film’s start, The magazine “der Spiegel” – and that should be positive meant. Hollywood’s a waste of his addiction to debt, writes “The mirror”. And that is also true.

Prologue: Here is still trying to put on the peace map

“Midway” has cost around $ 100 million production to be devoured, other Blockbuster may cost Twice as much. But “Midway” in the first line as a high-gloss polished action film that has the visual appearance of a computer game.

Roland Emmerich: “The Swabian Spielberg”

100 million (“A good price-performance ratio”, says the film’s Director) says only that the from Swabia and-coming filmmaker is a very efficient and “economical” Hollywood Director. Roland Emmerich is estimated in the United States, because he is “cheap” to produce: “I am a specialist for large Blockbuster productions and it is, except, perhaps, Steven Spielberg, no Director who makes a Film like ‘Midway’ in 65 days,” says Emmerich over. This is allegedly the truth, makes the “Midway” but still, a better Film.

The Japanese actors are at least veiled to the cartoon

Interesting, however, is another footnote to the production history. Emmerich has produced his Film with American and Chinese money, and in Canada turned. Against the Background of the American-Chinese trade dispute is quite a noticeable note. Because big Blockbuster movies are now dependent on the Chinese cinema market. Many great Hollywood films in China in the cinemas. In the case of “Midway” could be something different. Finally, Japan has been harassed in the Second world war, China, a movie in Japan at the end of a large, crushing defeat must accept, is expected to arrive in China.

20 years ago, Midway was at Sony is not possible

Emmerich had already turn 20 years ago, the idea of “Midway” to. His former production Studio, the Japanese Sony group, to block, however. Sony has not particularly interested in a project, in the defeat of the Japanese in the Second world war, the focus would have been revealed Emmerich, the “Stuttgarter Zeitung”. That is why only a small Budget had been allocated.

Japan was then in the run-up to the “Midway”-production is also the only important cinema-Nation, have not made a bid in the fight for the rights of exploitation, says Emmerich. A great production, it’s going to be a Japanese war defeat, the man didn’t want to obviously.

However, also part of the truth, they would have beat the Japanese then, as the Film was finished and the distributors was presented, so Emmerich. “Midway” was bought for the Japanese market. The Japanese generals are represented in the Film largely full of Pride and honor – which appeared in the Japanese film distributors acceptable.

Theory and practice: A movie against nationalism and fascism Midway is hardly

Right now, says the 63-year-old German Director who now has American citizenship, is it right to turn such a Film: “Midway” tell “of young soldiers who put their lives on the game, for freedom and democracy against Faschismuszu defend.

That sounds good, and you may believe Emmerich that he wants to spread the good message actually. His new work, “Midway” is similar, however, but rather a commercially available epic about the war in analogue time – the scene is set with the means of digital cinema.