Emmanuel Macron – voice catch on the right edge?


President, Emmanuel Macron, has taken a pejorative Remarks about Bulgarians and Ukrainians for diplomatic Trouble. But what of the French President with his attempt of political land-grab to the Right, will?

When Emmanuel Macron gives the right-wing conservative political magazine “Valeurs actuelles”, in an Interview he is prolix on the topic of Migration, he pursues a particular purpose. If he does, but in a page, even derogatory, or at least interpretable bat Statements to the Bulgarian and Ukrainian citizens in France, he seems to break for no apparent occasion for political porcelain in Europe.

Networks, gangs, or what?

In the Interview, Macron said: “I would rather that people come legally from Guinea or from ivory arts that are there and do the work, as an illegal Ukrainian or Bulgarian networks.” Some of the French word “filières” was translated in the Original with gangs, or even gangs. The reaction in Bucharest and Kiev was not long in coming. In the two main cities of the respective French Ambassador was summoned. But relatively quickly, the governments were declarations of pacifying, Macrons Statements were taken out of context.

The President had talked about it in France, it was difficult to find French, the Teller wanted to wash. But in the case of affected Eastern Europeans, the impression that he’d prefer migrants from Africa from their countries. And politicians from the right-nationalist parties, such as the Bulgarian Minister of defence, Krassimir Karakachanov, emerged with fierce criticism:”no one gives him (Macron) have the right to insult Bulgarians”.

Practiced strong criticism of President Macron: Bulgaria’s defence Minister Krassimir Karakachanov

Had wanted to allude to the French President to the fact that Bulgarian authorities are involved since several years in the trade with passports for migrants from third countries and that top politicians are suspected to hold the umbrella over such activities? If that is the case, he would have to Express more precisely. Or he wanted to say only that he is legal immigration, the illegal favors? However, Bulgaria is a EU member and its citizens are allowed to reside anywhere in Europe and work there. And for Ukraine, a visa-free travel and the right to stay for up to three months.

Bulgaria’s Prime Minister Boiko Borissov paid Emmanuel Macron is missing his political ride with a jab home: There was certainly no insult intended, but he expected that the President of Bulgaria will soon support when it comes to inclusion in the Schengen zone and the Euro.

What Macron is?

The reason that the French President would have to know and to be wise, to give a right-wing magazine in an Interview that in a twelve-page article a mess and with lots of pictures with Marine Le Pen will be garnished. The Elysée Palace employees for days with damage control, and anonymous voices from Macron party “Larem” Express your fear that he had maneuvered himself with his fish at the right edge in a position that makes him in any case, to the loser. The hard Right of the “Rassemblement National” (formerly the “National Front”) he will not convince, and the left-liberals in their own camp, he’ll alienate.

Is Macron Marine le Pen’s vote steal?

Bruno Cautrès from the policy Institute Cevipof in Paris, sees Macron precisely this danger: “He tried to make a synthesis of the Right and the Left, but the resulting message is extremely unclear and confusing”. With Comments like those in “Valeurs Actuelles” course he is a risk to alienate the Left to convince, without at the same time the rights. It was certainly a dangerous course, to want to on certain issues, Marine Le Pen overtaking.

Finding the right Position

Some of the surveys see both leaders in the polls neck and neck, and Le Pen has also announced that it will compete in the next presidential election against Macron. Prof. Cautrès believes, however, that it is much too early to make a name for themselves already two and a half years before the next elections on the Right. Even if the President could make in the other bearing points would be consumed for a long time and forget when it comes to the ballot box.

Emmanuel Macron’m currently under the impression that he wanted to play on all sides. In addition, he was since the yellow West-protests from last Winter in search of the correct Position for the second half of his term. On the economic side, the French government is currently preoccupied with the highly unpopular pension reform, which already leads to new strikes and demonstrations. Since the topic of Migration and illegal immigration could be interpreted quite well as a distraction.

Basically, however, cannot explain the he experienced policy observers, really, what has prompted Emmanuel Macron to this confused-looking catch of fish on the Right: “I have read the Interview of six to seven Times, and it remains a confused message,” says Bruno Cautrès.

The words and the practical policy

However, the issue of Migration fits with the French government is currently in the political landscape. On Monday, the Parliament debated already about changes in the law that wants to publish Prime Minister Edouard Philippe this Wednesday.

Welcome as a campaign issue: migrants in France

It is a question of twenty measures to combat “fraud and abuse” in the use of social benefits for migrants. Among other things, access to medical help should be only after three months of waiting time possible, the family complicates reunification and the asylum procedure will be accelerated. The government speaks of a “balance between greater hardness, and a high-Opening”, what sounds like a difficult if not impossible political balancing act.

At the same time a legal immigration will be discussed according to quotas should be based on the respective needs on the labour market and the state the full control should have. You should not leave this topic to the Right, says the President of Macron to. There, however, his opponent, RN mocks will help choose party boss Marine Le Pen: “the Rassemblement National (most recently in the European elections), even in the case of Emmanuel Macron”.