With the cross against exploitation: Director Milo Rau is a new gospel turns


His current Film is called “The Poorest come into the Kingdom of heaven”. Theatre and film Director Milo Rau that shows Jesus as Black, and a social revolutionary. His Protest against the refugee policy.

Revolutionary: A Black Out, the latest Film takes place in Milo Jesus

In the South of Italy, Matera, 2019, together with the Bulgarian city of Plovdiv, the cultural capital of Europe, rolling around the groups of tourists through the narrow old town. All want to see the “Sassi”, in the rock-hewn cave dwellings. Until the 1950s, the caves were also “the shame” of Italy. People are like a hundred years before, lived without electricity, without running water.

Jesus (Yvan Sagnet) and his Disciples on the beach

Now everything is cleaned out, new Restaurants, chic Bars, the rental portal Airbnb have made. All the more irritating in a movie-like scene: A black Jesus struggles with the cross, slowly, the levels of an alley up. Beaten by soldiers in historical Outfit , his shirt is bloody. The “Passion of the Christ”, is part of a current movie by the Swiss Director Milo Rau, especially in Matera and other places in the South of Italy has turned.

Jesus as bringer of salvation

“I’m not a believer,” says Milo Rau, to him it is not so much the religious aspect, but the message of the New Testament. “Jesus was a social revolutionary who has people without a country, refugees, headed against the Roman Empire. That’s what we do here.”

Biblical scene: Jesus with his apostles

For the Director, Rau has a great topicality: “We make a Jesus film, but we gather together refugees from the Camps, prostitutes, small-scale farmers, the large-scale industry unemployed, and all the quasi spat out of this multi-national agriculture industry.”

The Jesus figure by Milo Rau is not a Savior, but a political activist. In the documentary part of the film he goes into the refugee camps, Speeches rousing and magnified his “Disciples,” which will follow him and then to Matera to a large public rally.

Tomatoes – red Gold

Jesus is the instigator of the “revolt Della Dignita”, the “Would revolt”. A campaign calling for a right to stay and better working conditions for the plantation workers. He was doing actually the Same as always, says actor Yvan Sagnet, represents the Jesus.

Activist Sagnet in the name of Jesus: Yvan

Twelve years ago he came to study engineering in Turin. When his scholarship ended there, has made his living in the South as a tomato picker. He learned the hard way what it means to work as a modern wage-slave is entirely deprived.

14 hours of the day, for a pittance, in a mafia-like System. With middle-men that take the field workers are still a part of your salary for the transportation and daily meals. Sometimes he came with only 4 Euro, pay back, reported Sagnet.

Against the wind by the Mafia

Yvan Sagnet, who organized the first strike in the agriculture of Italy. And actually, the labor protection laws were tightened. However, many of the refugees are in the country illegally and thus are still at the mercy of their employers exposed to. And the mafia-like structures in the refugee camps.

Disastrous accommodation of refugees

Director Milo Rau got against the wind. As he was casting in a warehouse, which has just been vacated and out, protagonists for his Film, interspersed with the local Mafia, the Info, the police action would have been to do with the movie filming. A malicious rumor, the eviction had been planned in advance.

Project for the protection of refugees

The living conditions, specifically camps in the illegal refugee catastrophic. But without these places of refuge, the refugees are on the road. “You should not evacuate the camp, without the people an Alternative offer, otherwise they have nothing” – outraged Papa Latyr Faye. Herve, as he is called by all, plays in the new Film by Milo Rau of the Apostle Peter.

“Revolt for Dignity”: an activist, and Peter-actor Papa Latyr Fayé (in the middle)

He comes from Senegal, and has jointly built up with Mbaye Ndaye, also the apostles and the Senegalese, the “Casa Sankara”. The self-managed centre for refugees is the only one in the Region. 300 people can come here in permanent homes. Herve gives to those papers, work in the fields to regulated conditions, And he helps the refugees without the right to stay with lawyers.

A flagship project, which is also present in the Film. He plays as a Muslim, an Apostle, not see Herve as a Problem. On The Contrary. “I’ve learned a lot about Peter,” he says in a DW Interview. And, finally, Black time, would play the main role in this great religious narrative and their claims are perceived to be.

Director Milo Rau with his apostles-performers

Resurrection of the biblical message

Milo Out of the cinematic revolt is already showing effect. The platform of the supporters and organizations to join the campaign for a fairer world, is growing by the hour and daily. Supermarkets are interested in, and suddenly the Fairtrade products by Yvan Sagnet, small farmers and the Casa Sankara jointly develop cultivation and sales concepts. Italian local politicians and even the Catholic Church knew about it.

In the great final rally with a symbolic descent from the cross, and resurrection in Rome, also Church representatives were present. For the political activist, Milo Rau is a sign that the message of Jesus is heard in the Film, and widely used.

The Swiss Director Milo Rau on the Set in Italy

It was his understanding of resurrection, he says. A campaign that takes place thanks to the enterprising networking artist, also in Africa and even in the case of the landless movement in Brazil, belonging to.

The Swiss Milo Rau, Jg. In 1977, not only thinks globally, he proves with this film project once again as the politically ambitious fighter. Whether the Coltan mines in the Congo, the gold refineries in Switzerland, or the exploitation in the Tomato plantations in the South, to him it is the major economic Power and relations of Violence.

Filming for the movie: The Poorest come into the Kingdom of heaven”

When Jesus and his Disciples in his Film “The Poorest come to trample into the Kingdom of heaven” on the Church square in Matera kilos of tomatoes, then turn symbolically against the yield corporations and trading corporate large chains. Just against those who make at the expense of the disenfranchised to their Profit. So that we can shop in the middle of Europe, cheap.