Angela Merkel commemorates the NSU victims


Angela Merkel has promised more action against right-wing extremism. While the Chancellor in Zwickau, visited a memorial site for the victims of the NSU, there are death threats against politicians and notes on a Suspect.

During a memorial event for the victims of right-wing extremism German Chancellor Angela Merkel promised to do everything to prevent hate-motivated violence. “As a state we have a duty to ensure that such things are not repeated,” Merkel said in Zwickau, where a monument to the victims of the so-called “national socialist underground” (NSU) recalled.

The monument consists of ten trees that were planted in the Swan pond Park, close to the city centre. Each tree commemorates a murder victim of the NSU. A first memorial tree had been sawed off in October in Zwickau. The fact had nationwide caused outrage, then donate in the amount of 14,000 euros for the city had come together.

From Zwickau from the NSU-Trio between 2000 and 2007, the nationwide murders planned and committed bombings and robberies carried out. “It is our task,” said Merkel, “that something like this never happens again”. The families of the victims should be able to live a good life in Germany, “how do we want to have the all”.

“From thoughts to words and from words to deeds”

The racism of the NSU motivating actions today to violence, said the Prime Minister of Saxony, Michael Kretschmer. “We have seen in recent months and years, as from thoughts to words and from words to deeds have become,” says Kretschmer.

Last death threats against Cem Özdemir and Claudia Roth of the Greens were known. Last summer, the President of the government of the city of Kassel, Walter Lübcke was shot dead in his house. In October, a neo-Nazi was murdered in the hall two people after he was not managed in a synagogue massacre.

It had taken almost a decade for the murders of the NSU as an extreme right-wing Terror-series were detected. This led to a lot of criticism in the work of the authorities. Among other things, had addressed a Committee of inquiry of the Bundestag with the operations. Nationwide has been criticised, within the authorities, there are blind spots, when it comes to the perception of right-wing extremism.

Protests against Merkel

On the other side of the street to the new Memorial in Zwickau had gathered during the event the protesters. While the Chancellor spoke after a short speech, with students and local politicians, the way of chanting these “Merkel must!” and “Propaganda”.

A white Rose for the victims of the NSU: German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Zwickau

Prime Minister Kretschmer criticized the Pöbler sharp. “We come together here to prove to people that were innocently killed, and there are people that demonstrate against it,” says Kretschmer. That say a lot about the spirit of the times and the attitude of the protesters. Other passers-by stressed worried that the right-wing populist “Alternative for Germany” (AfD) in the Region further to the approval of profits.

Victims family not informed

A victim advocate also had criticism of the planning of the event. “The family was neither in the planning of the memorial, let alone included in demand anyway, what do you think of it,” complained Sebastian Scharmer, representing the daughter of the murdered Mehmet Kubasik. They had been invited, neither about the opening ceremony informed yet.

Gamse Kubasik, daughter of NSU victim, calls for the Federal government to have more clarification

“I don’t think it’s outrageous that you ask me as a daughter, at least, before,” let Gamse Kubasik on their lawyers. “I don’t know whether I want in Zwickau, a tree will be planted, if you can’t be sure that he will not cut again.” Merkel had promised full investigation of the NSU murders, “which, today, we didn’t get”. Probably you’ve been so afraid, “to face our issues and allegations”.

Suspect in sight

In Berlin, meanwhile, is known, who is suspected to be behind the new death threats against politicians. According to the Federal Ministry of the interior, they come from the German offshoot of the right-wing extremist group, “nuclear weapons Division”. This is originally from the USA and will be there for five murders. The group was noticed by the security authorities for the first time in June 2018 and will since then, “pursued very intensively”.

The Federal government and many politicians have condemned the threats. “We can and these attacks against our free democratic basic order will not be accept and the means of law to be decided against it”, said the Deputy government spokeswoman in Berlin.

In Germany, the concern is least against right-wing extremism has grown. The Federal government adopted a Nine-point Plan, to be able to better fight against hate on the Internet.

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Commemoration of the victims of the NSU

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Zwickau: the commemoration of the victims of the NSU