Not stutter – if the words want to


Repeat again and again the individual syllables or Sounds. Ask for directions or a phone call lead for stuttering that can be a big, big Problem. Can be cured not stuttering, but therapy.

“I often compare this with someone who listens to the car radio, and not have a good reception. There is a sound of maybe a little bit, but it’s enough to understand the news. However, if an additional fault is added, a bridge or a narrow road, then the Signal breaks off,” explains Martin Sommer, of the University hospital of Göttingen, the phenomenon of stuttering. And the doctor knows what he is talking about, because he is a stammerer and therefore belongs to the approximately 800,000 people in Germany, in which the flow of speech is disrupted. This is about one percent of the total population, and this proportion in each country is the same, the göttingen-based neurologist.

Between the ages of three and six years, the stuttering begins. Then, the prognosis is still favourable, with 60 to 80 percent of these children will lose the stuttering in the course of the years, others have to learn to live with it – cured stuttering can be. Men are affected with 80 per cent significantly more often than women.

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Phone calls can be for a stutterer to be an insurmountable hurdle

The flow of speech is interrupted

Classic symptoms when you stutter the frequent repetition of individual Sounds, individual syllables or entire words. In addition to these “How – How – How – repetitions” is also the “Deeeeehnen” typical for this disease.

And sometimes, nothing works anymore. Then, the speech organs are blocked completely: you are indeed under the highest tension, but it penetrates nothing external. The words just do not want to get out, despite the fact that the stutterer knows exactly what he wants to say – but it doesn’t work.

Many victims suffer from significant mental health problems, to isolate itself from the Scots. Many also try to avoid certain words or situations. The Purchase of a ticket may include a phone call or the question of the way. What is a Healthy absolutely no difficulty – for a stutterer, it can be an insurmountable obstacle.

Many studies and theories

As for the stuttering comes from, the interference, and the finest mechanisms are crucial, which is still the subject of research. For about 15 years, imaging techniques are used to investigate the stuttering. The MRI, magnetic resonance imaging, especially. This method records images from the brain structure of the people.

MRI scans help in the exploration of the brain

It Stammerers give a whole series of studies in adults, explained the summer. “The show that it seems to be in the left front of the brain, subtle disturbances of the brain – the Hardware -, quasi -,” explains summer. “To put it crudely: It seems to be in the front to give the left a Problem, and we know that it relates to the regions for the Speak with responsibility and it also relates to the fiber pathways by which these regions are connected to each other.”

The grey cells are there, but the Connections are disrupted between or fault-prone than Non-Stammerers. This complicates the fine-tuning of many muscles, which are for the liquid Talk is necessary.

Genetics is crucial

Stuttering could have neurological causes or psychological, because under pressure, the disorders worsen the most. And genetics plays a big role. According to studies, this could apply to up to three-quarters of the stutterers. In some families, stuttering occurs more frequently.

This is also the case with Dr. Reiner nuns mountain. His grandfather had a stutter, he says, his father, himself and his son. While speaking, he makes involuntarily, longer breaks, in which he struggles for words, repeated again and again, individual Sounds. It may take several seconds, until the word is finally out.

Speech therapy treatments, he has never not had at that time been usual. All his life he had suffered from the stutter. “The fact that I am still in the self-help shows that I work on constantly to achieve a condition with which I am satisfied. I have phases in which I use liquid and then again very bad.”

Also, the Greek scholar Aristotle has sputtered out

He is in good company, because many famous people were or are stutterers: The actor Bruce Willis, for example, the British writer George Bernard Shaw, the scientist Isaac Newton. And even the Greek scholars Aristotle, at a loss for words often.

Pure nuns mountain regularly takes part in the weekly Meetings of the stuttering self-help Köln. Since its founding in 1974, the Association has one main goal: “We want to learn a Frank and self-confident dealing with the own stutter and as a result, a smoother Talking enable”, – stated in the information Bulletin. Phone training are also Offered such as reading Aloud in the group or a video training in which the participants are with the everyday situations faced.

Sing instead of Talk

In the case of Stammerers, the tried a half of the brain, the deficiencies of the other to compensate. “We know that Singing is mostly connected in the right half of the brain, and in nearly all Stammerers undisturbed,” says summer. The Talk, however, this is predominantly in the left half of the brain, in Stammerers disorders.” Singing is not a Problem.

A method that can help is to get a stutter better, and to formulate the sentences for so – and that only the words in which people have a great linguistic Confidence and trust, the words you say. These are words that are not loaded with speech anxiety.”

The Association of stuttering and self-help has its own Logo

A commonly used method of therapy is the so-called “fluency shaping”. It will try to change with a softer vocal use of the language in a way that stuttering occurs more so in the summer. “The price is, however, that I have to talk the whole time a little weird.” The language sounds very choppy like a robot.

The other great school is the stuttering modification. “Here, I’m talking normally, so to me the Beak is grown,” explains summer. “Only in the Places where I’ll hang, I try to dissolve the hands-blockade in slow and controlled. The developers of this method, Charles Van prof riper, has coined a beautiful phrase: ‘We can’t choose whether or not we stutter, we can pick and choose but how we stutter.'”

  • Synaesthesia – when senses combine

    When sounds become colors

    The musician Kaitlyn Hova sees the music, the plays, in colors. To show the world what she sees, she built a brilliant violin. In people with this perception of different sensations combine in the head. This is called synesthesia.

  • Synaesthesia – when senses combine

    A from 25

    Four percent of people have synesthesia. This corresponds to statistically one Person out of 25. For comparison: Only about one to two percent of the world’s population is a redhead. How do people with synesthesia perceive the world?

  • Synaesthesia – when senses combine

    Caroline Beier

    Caroline Beier is a Doctor in Hamburg. Her synesthesia helped her in elementary school, to remember things better, because…

  • Synaesthesia – when senses combine

    Figures at a vegetable stand

    …she sees letters and Numbers in different colors and in 3D. The 8 is always cucumbers, green, 3 grass green, the 4 always the sun yellow and the 2 is always cream-white. To memorize the square of the number of 18 before that two dark stand green cucumbers in a light green vegetable with yellow-and-white striped awning are.

  • Synaesthesia – when senses combine

    Alexandra Kirschner

    Not only letters, also sounds can be associated with colors. This helps Alexandra Kirschner in her career as a Vocal teacher of a boys ‘ choir in Stuttgart.

  • Synaesthesia – when senses combine

    If sounds from the series dance

    She hears different voices in different colors. High voices are often colored yellow. Deeper voices are more likely to be dark blue. If someone sings a musical scale, see Kirschner the notes as circles in front of you in the room. She hears in the scale the wrong tone, she sees this also. The circle is gray and blurred and dances from the series.

  • Synaesthesia – when senses combine

    Colored Sense Of Touch

    If you have a Form of synaesthesia, the likelihood is higher, even further Connections of the senses to perceive. Not only sounds from Alexandra Kirschner colors, also touches. She pinches a short in the Arm, appears in your head is a pink-light blue Ellipse as a pencil.

  • Synaesthesia – when senses combine

    Pink tastes like strawberry ice cream

    Conversely, colors can trigger tastes. When Alexandra Kirschner sees a pink wool sweater, has the taste of strawberry ice cream in the mouth.

  • Synaesthesia – when senses combine

    Also Vice versa – the colors are shades of

    And it’s not just in one direction, that people see music in colors. The musician Katja Krüger hear certain sounds when they see certain colors. The Connections as is the case with almost all Synaesthetes as a child – before you ever played a musical instrument.

  • Synaesthesia – when senses combine

    A red Oboenton

    You see, about a red balloon in front of you, listen to Katja Krüger the sound “a” from the Oboe played.

  • Synaesthesia – when senses combine

    Nefertiti belongs to

    Once she has written down, even take a photo of Nefertiti Statue in tones. If you look at the colors of the head of Nefertiti from the bottom to the top, can you translate the notes. From this she has written a whole piece of music.

  • Synaesthesia – when senses combine

    Martin Schmiederer

    Some people, such as Martin Schmiederer, really have a lot of synesthesia forms at once. There can sometimes be quite a bit going on. The scientist and the philosopher can memorize its color and sound codes, about text well. A sensory overload he experienced, despite his 21 synaesthesia forms rare. He can concentrate on multiple perceptions that can hide them but also.

  • Synaesthesia – when senses combine

    Taste like the dentist.

    For him, different perceptions of how the monitors are placed on top of each other . The colors he sees at different Points in the room. The small “k” can he perceive the following: The letters he sees on the left of the top in 3D in the room in black and green. If he reads the “k”, he has a taste like the dentist in the mouth. He speaks the sound of “k”, the sound generated is a color that appears in the lower right.

  • Synaesthesia – when senses combine

    So much at once?

    Synesthesia is not a disease, but simply a different way to perceive things. Most feel that their additional impressions as pleasant, can push you but also in the Background. Alexandra Kirschner and Martin Schmiederer tell but, for example, that both of them like to wear no scratchy wool sweater, because this feeling is calling for an unpleasant color.

  • Synaesthesia – when senses combine

    No Imagination

    Synesthesia is not imagination. A functional MRI shows that brain areas for different senses are active. There are also genetic correlations. People with synesthesia often have family members with synaesthesia. Many people do not know that you are a Synesthete, because the impressions are completely normal. Synesthesia is when women and men with equal frequency.

  • Synaesthesia – when senses combine

    Quite spontaneously, but always there

    There are over 80 documented forms of synesthesia. All have in common that they occur spontaneously, without a conscious idea. A certain impression is always linked with the same impression, and return again and again. Famous people with synesthesia are about Pop musician Lady Gaga (photo) and Pharell Williams, as well as artists Wassily Kandinsky and the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein.

    Author: Elisa Miebach