Reus Dortmund draw-a curse breaks


Borussia Dortmund ended its tie-series and mixes in the top group of the Bundesliga and strong. Borussia Mönchengladbach beckons despite defeat for a further week the standings.


Marco Reus has lifted Borussia Dortmund out of the crisis. In a heated and controversial match against the table leaders Borussia Mönchengladbach in the last ailing captain in the 1:0 (0:0) made with his hits (58. Minute) for the first Dortmund victory after three draws in a row. Gladbach (16 points) in spite of the defeat, at least over night at the top, Dortmund climbed with only one counter, less on place four with a win at TSG Hoffenheim Schalke 04 can draw on Sunday at two over. Before the game, a change of personnel at BVB had caused quite a stir. Coach Lucien Favre had deleted the English young star Jadon Sancho, to be returned in the last week of the international travel to late from the squad.

Have you missed the game? Then you read the most important scenes for us here in the live Ticker!
The final WHISTLE

90+7′ Minute: Elvedi crosses again, but Hitz has the Ball safely in his hands. And there goes the final whistle. Dortmund brings the victory over time and destroys the Borussia from Mönchengladbach with 1:0.

90+6′ Minute: game exchange: the Case of Borussia Dortmund comes to LUKASZ PISZCZEK for Hazard.

90+5′ Minute: Favre is on the sidelines on the go, but Rose, too. The Gladbach Coach is Yellow carded! And Rose is upset powerful …

90+4′ Minute: Herrmann skin fully clean the Gladbach have not beaten.

90+3′ Minute: Stindl bounces of the Ball in midfield to Hand the Dortmund take your time and take the seconds from the clock.

90+2′ Minute: game exchange: the Case of Borussia Dortmund comes DAN-AXEL ZAGADOU for Brandt.

90+1′ Minute: Yellow card Against NEUHAUS from Borussia Mönchengladbach after a tactical Foul on Brandt.

90. Minute: Six Minutes Of Added Time.

89. Minute: Hitz super responsive against Neuhaus, Witsel is in Gladbach, and rushes into his own goalie, but can continue to play.

88. Min: Reus is immersed alone in front of the summer – the victory but don’t make it clear.

88. Minute: Yellow card Against JANTSCHKE of Borussia Mönchengladbach.

86. Minute: Zakaria dives right in fives and thrashes the Ball into the side-netting. Now the Borussia from the lower Rhine with violence want it!

85. Minute: goal for Borussia Dortmund. Brandt’s! But the hit is not given: Reus was ruled Offside and summer in the way, as Brandt shot.

82. Minute: Now summer save. This time, the Dortmund-based Borussia took advantage of a counterattack opportunity, but Brandt could not prevail.

81. Minute: And the next corner for the guests: Dortmund begins to swim. Kramer is again with a shot from the third row – twice deflected from the own people. Kick and breathe for the BVB.

79. Minute: around 11 minutes, a significant injury time of maybe five minutes.

78. Minute: game exchange: the Case of Borussia Mönchengladbach, comes LARS STINDL for Wendt. Comeback after a broken leg seemed!

76. Minute: And the Gladbach remain at the oppressor: you are currently on the edge of the Dortmund festival, it comes a little relief from the BVB in these seconds, minutes.

73. Minute: it was lucky for the visitors as would have been the Impartial, also the penalty against Hummels pipes can.

72. Minute: huge chance for Herrmann, but Gladbach missed out on the compensation: Thuram had left wonderful set, the Ball came up short on Herrmann, but Hummels beset the Gladbacher crucial. Shortly before the penalty, but he hit well the Ball, not just the player.

Keeper Roman Bürki needs to get out

70. Minute: game exchange: the Case of Borussia Dortmund comes MARWIN HITZ for Bürki.

68. Minute: Neuhaus is the third corner of the Gladbach from the left to the inside, Bürki just gets worse in a determined way. Then the Keeper remains sitting on the floor, is treated, and must be replaced.

67. Minute: It looks as though Gladbach now some determined forward play. Still a good 25 minutes for the guests to get maybe one or even three points. The pursuers were all a springs.

65. Minute: Neuhaus brings the same time a dangerous Standard to the inside. In the centre, among other things, Lainer but misses.

64. Minute: Double game change: the Case of Borussia Mönchengladbach come to PATRICK HERRMANN for Embolo and FLORIAN NEUHAUS for Benes.

61. Minute: Yellow card Against DELANEY of Borussia Dortmund. Extended elbow against Kramer – the Yellow can be represented.

60. Minute: Now it will be interesting to see how the VfL is not responding.

58. Minute: take an early lead! … for Borussia Dortmund. MARCO REUS was’s! Hazard puts the Ball through the back four of Gladbach, Reus starts from the legal Position, in this case, the summer is now dead in the water, gets the Ball through the legs placed.

57. Minute: lock the window! Thuram on the right journey, fits flat in the middle, but none of the colleagues stood there.

55. Min: Witsel is fouled – free kick for BVB. 30 Yards From Goal Distance. Reus chippt the Ball deep to the right in the 16er, Jantschke clears for a corner, which comes to nothing.

54. Min: The Dortmund continued to press: Hazard shoots, claimed hand game. It wasn’t but. Then Hakimi, after sets, want to dupe the Gladbach defensive player with a “deep shot”. But summer is on the Post.

51. Minute: The next Topchance! Hazard fails at the Gladbach defence, in the repositioning Brandt is on the button, chasing the Ball far over the gate of the guests.

49. Minute: With a bold start about half the field get Thuram in a corner of the Gladbach out – the second in the game. Which brings nothing, because Bürki and the Dortmund defence can clear.

48. Minute: Dortmund out on the right, but then it creates Hakimi not, the Ball is controlled to take.

46. Minute: And it goes on, the second 45 minutes have begun. Change it to Pause.


No goals at half-time in Dortmund. Especially the intense final phase of the first half was energized hard to beat. The goal of Hazard in the 34. Minute has not been recognised because Reus the source of Hummels minimum be in an Offside position. Dortmund with the better scoring chances, and had Embolo twice on the foot, to shoot the company in the lead. But since Roman was always a shot of the winner. In half two, it is not likely to remain goalless.


45+3′ Minute: And then whistles referee Stegemann to breaks tea. It is still goalless – 0:0.

45+1′ Minute: The game is now, so short before the break, always heated A corner to the other flies on Yann Sommer, but Gladbach defence to withstand.

45. Minute: Two Minutes Of Stoppage Time.

43. Minute: Dortmund Fans acknowledge the “injury” Embolos, and especially his quick recovery with angry Whistles.

And again the duel: Roman Bürki (l.) against Breel Embolo

41. Minute: error in Dortmund’s behind the team! Embolo goes back to Bürki, who rushes out of his goal. And again the window is, again, the Keeper was the clear winner! A Foul was not there, Bürki played the Ball.

40. Minute: Hazard puts a Plea in midfield, lucky that he is not the yellow box looks. But he gets a curtain sermon at the Impartial.

38. Min: The Dortmund increase the pressure corner of the right-hand side. Hazard hits the Ball to the inside, which clarifies the Gladbach defence.

35. Minute: The goal is to a possible offside position checked and not given. 0:0 is still. Reus the source before passing to Hazard a fraction Offside.

34. Minute: take an early lead! … for Borussia Dortmund. THORGAN HAZARD was’s! What a shot. Summer has the fists still there, but the Ball strikes!

32. Minute: summer directs the Hummels to head the ball on to the crossbar!

30. Minute: penalty Situation in the Dortmund penalty area! But no penalty! Bürki came out, as Embolo toward him. Embolo want to put the Ball on the left of the Keeper over, but the goalie has a perfect eye and shining the Gladbach the Ball from the foot.

To unstoppable: Marco Reus

28. Minute: danger in the Gladbach penalty area: the First shoots of summer, in a clarification to a press the Dortmunder something from what the hosts in the game. Reus tricking at the end successfully in the penalty area in front of the gate, closes it in from a tight angle with right – and is currently blocked.

27. Minute: It goes back and forth: Hazard supported on the opposite side of Reus, the Ball is wonderful for a ride, but then Lainer fails.

26. Minute: Hazard puts Thuram – kick from the left! And almost 1:0 for Gladbach! The Ball is struck on the first post, there Lainer, of the fails, but just extended and the rear lurked.

25. Minute: Schulz is admonished because he Thuram unceremoniously to the ground transported has. The Yellow card from referee stegemann but still stuck.

23. Minute: on the Offensive looking for the Black-and-Yellow again and again, Reus, also in fact, many of the player receives. However, a lot of start of the captain – and-white up to this point, aside from his great pass to Brandt in the Top Chance in Minute 12.

21. Minute: Plea and Benes compete skillfully on the left side, to an edge of the Latter is found in the centre but no takers.

20. Minute: Zakaria is something to fall, demands and gets the Ball. At the end of the Swiss, but he plays a weak pass to the front of the sideline.

19. Minute: Suddenly Wendt is completely free of edges, in the middle is Embolo good, but Hummels can the Gladbacher crucial interfere.

18. Minute: The Westphalia currently something in the front game third, Gladbach gets currently little access.

15. Minute: Dortmund’s offensive determined at the present time. The VfL is after 15 minutes without a serious shot on goal.

12. Min: The best Chance of the game goes to Dortmund: After an outstanding plug-in pass from Reus on the left into the penalty area to Brandt follows a more insidious low shot from a slightly acute angle. The national player fails to avoid a shiny-reacting and fast-subducting summer.

11. Minute: Overall, is the to here a balanced match, both clubs cart on the offensive boldly into the Pressing, both clubs have been opportunities in the accounts, and both Teams have the confidence to do something.

10. Minute: The Gladbach are now a little higher, which puts Dortmund under pressure.

8. Minute: the guests from the lower Rhine lacks the precision, especially in the game going forward, not much at all together.

6. Minute: the first conclusion of the BVB: Hazard is on the left of the penalty area to the Gladbach played, the shot on the corner deflected wide, but nothing brings in.

5. Minute: First corner of the Borussia from Mönchengladbach, Dortmund’s defense swim short, gets the Ball but from the 16er out: Jantschke heads, hits Reus from a short distance on the upper arm. Scale Arm, a short distance, but of course no penalty.

3. Minute: Hummels now on the defensive in the penalty area the Ball, nearly there with the ball and touches it directly only against players Embolo and then against players Thuram slightly. For a penalty, but that is not enough.

2. Minute: The guests begin in a quiet, matter-of-factly and assertively. The Gladbacher’t let the whistles of the home fans irritate.

1. Minute: The game is running. We hope – as always – at a minimum of 90 exciting and fair minutes.


18.30: The match will be whistled by referee Sascha Stegemann.

18.29 PM: Now it’s the same los! The teams enter the place, it’s the place of choice. In the stadium in Dortmund, Germany, with approximately 80,000 spectators are.

18.28 PM: the presentation of The guests from Mönchengladbach: summer Lainer, Elvedi, Jantschke, Wendt – Kramer, Zakaria, Benes, Plea, Thuram – Embolo

18.27 PM: The list of hosts from Dortmund: Bürki – Hakimi, Akanji, Hummels, N. Schulz – Weigl, Witsel, Delaney, T. Hazard, Brandt – Reus

Jadon Sancho’s place today is not on the lawn

18.26 PM: The Vice-Champions from Dortmund omitted the way to the English young star Jadon Sancho. Sancho had returned in the last week of the international trip too late to Dortmund. Supposedly, he was occupied with a fine of an unknown amount. Also Mario Gotze is not heard because of a flu-like infection to the roster.

18.24 PM: Gladbach’s coach Marco Rose wants to see that its pros in front of around 80,000 spectators in the Dortmund stadium as a real top team encounter: “For us, it is a good opportunity to show that we positively developed.”

18.21 PM: The Borussia duel could be for Borussia Dortmund at just the right time to come. Because Dortmund won the last eight League games against Gladbach in all 25 goals in the process. “Alle Neune” is therefore the Motto in their own stadium. “We absolutely want to win,” said Borussia Coach Favre after the last three disappointing 2:2 draw.

18.18 PM: It is done, in 12 minutes it’s los. And already on 8. Round, there is a tremendous pressure on Borussia Dortmund. The front of the two-week international break three times consecutively a winless team of coach Lucien Favre has to prove against the top riders from Mönchengladbach, to the ambitious title ambitions in this season meet.

18.15: welcome to the DW-live Ticker. In the night game of Saturday, Dortmund welcomes the team from Mönchengladbach to Borussia duel. “Real love,” against “, There is only one Borussia”! Who has the nose in front? The learn here.