Mallorca: An island wants to grow up


The favorite island of the German trying to a Image. She wants to wear less Ballermann-tourists, but a more Rich and Creative.

Who is listening to the groom acting American Drew Aaron, if he raves about Mallorca, thinking: “If this is not exaggerated?” You have to look closer, to understand him. The “hip Mallorca”, he describes, is not found in as many as chavvy perceived entertainment pub “ball man”, not in a snobby Port port of Andratx, but exactly in between: in the island’s capital, Palma, or the interior of the country.

Since there are wine-growers, artists and musicians that were formerly an investment banker or a consultant in London, Stockholm or New York, where Aaron, in the past 20 years has lived. The 42-Year-old art collector and entrepreneur; with the Aaron Group, he has built up a small paper industrial Empire.

“My wife and I decided a few years ago, that we want to and not live in the US,” says Aaron, who lives with Czech Model Hana Soukupova and their children in Alaró, a small village in the country’s interior.

Americans in Mallorca: Drew Aaron, entrepreneur, collector and gallerist

Not German, but English is the most common foreign language is in Mallorca now. At 3640 square kilometers and 900,000 people from 175 countries live almost.

Multi kulti at an ever higher level

According to the Spanish statistics authority INE, the number of the Balearic Islands foreigners has doubled since 2003 to nearly 240,000. Barometer for change in the many new international schools and hospitals, the emergence of. Most of the about a dozen very good schools in Mallorca are similar to the British or French System.

The German offer, however, is rather pathetic – another sign that the influence of the Germans on Mallorca goes back. This is also true for the real estate sector, where the hyperactive Aaron tried also as an Investor and broker.

From Mallorca’s airport around the world

For EU-foreigners as Mallorca is also due to the good flight connections, attractive. The island offers discretion and security, have coped but in the meantime, 29 million passengers in the year, ten million more than in 2000. For his Business Trips in the USA, the Americans have to make a stop, his 33-year-old woman can jet off from Palma, directly in the Parisian or Milanese fashion world.

Gateway to the world: Mallorca airport handled last year, 29 million travelers

Both are also came to Mallorca because they want to bring a touch of New York’s Soho neighborhood on the island. In your “Gallery in Red” (pictured above) in Palma show images of Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and Damien Hirst. The former U.S. journalist Vanessa Van der Gast is the Director: “of Course many of the arts have visited us since then, friends and some have already purchased property here. Mallorca is popular with Americans,” she said.

Millionaires instead of mass tourism, however, even the current left-wing government of the island has nothing. She has already tried the cheap tourism to restrict, in addition, the Eco-tax increases and tourist rentals through a license obligation is limited.

The Bankruptcy of the tour operator Thomas Cook was another blow for the Mallorca-package tourism. “Whether the cruise tourism will be affected remains to be seen,” says André Dosé, a business consultant and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the guarantee Fund of the Swiss travel agencies. By the end of June, the occupancy rates of the Hotels were in Mallorca, a 15 percent year-on-year.

Sangria from buckets: The management of the seaside resort of S’arenal wants to restrict Drinking in Public

“Some of the cheap bed and castles in the long term because of the excess capacity to close,” says Dosé. He loves the island, especially because of the many Golf courses. Also Tennis is booming, and the father of the Spanish Stars Rafael Nadal sees to that. The 2016 founded the “Rafa Nadal Academy” attracts international tennis talents on the island and creates more sales around the yellow Ball. At the end of June of 2020, the ATP-the men’s tournament is held here.

Mallorca is Europe’s tourism lab

Always Mallorca, where hotel chains such as Iberostar, Barceló, Melia, and Riu, have their headquarters, a laboratory for the tourist Know. The interior designer Sheela wants to benefit Levy.

The Indian woman has renovated with her husband in a old town Palace in Palma, the Restaurant ‘Fera’ opened. Business Partner Simon Petutschnigs cooks here. The pressure on him is great. “We want a Michelin star, which is clearly our goal,” says Levy, who was born in India and in Kenya, grew up.

Interior designer and restaurant operator Sheela Levy

You never thought that you would be on Mallorca beaches: “And now here was even born-my first grandchild,” says the 61-Year-old. Your daughter comes from the film industry and is married with a Bollywood film star and Director and now a Mallorca Fan. “We are all closely connected with the creativity and support local artists.”

You will be happy that it will soon be the first international art fair in Mallorca. The Swiss gallerist Matthias Rüthmüller plans to the ‘Art Fair in Mallorca for the fall of 2020 in the Congress Palace in Palma. Levy is confident that it will attract their rich compatriots: “I can imagine that you are here to invest primarily in Hotels and agriculture.”