Comment: All against Niko Kovac?


What’s next for Bayern coach Niko Kovac? After the disappointing draw in Augsburg, the leadership of FC Bayern has to take a stand, asks Joscha Weber: back or kicking out, not anything in between.

He brings to Müller’s criticism, he him – just one of the many Problem of Niko Kovac in Munich

The trend is your friend, says a stock market wisdom. And how wise is, know all of that already set time to be long in a supposedly solid stock. The Trend is sometimes mean and everything other than your friend. For example, in the case of Niko Kovac: The Hashtag #KovacOut trendete on Saturday evening on Twitter in Germany. So it’s called in the Social Media-English, if in a short time, many Users talk about the same topic. #KovacOut, so the demand for the expulsion of the (Still-)Bayern Coach Niko Kovac, is currently all the rage. And this not only on the drive home from the Arena with the beer in the Munich pubs, but good visible in the social networks.

This is also part of the everyday life of a Trainer, perhaps the most stressful Job in the football Business. Before on the floor the Fans with chants or banners stands against the Trainer points, do it today, on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. The frustration of the Fanseele after disappointing results such as the recent 2:2 FC Bayern in the Underdog FC Augsburg gets, first of all, typically the Trainer. Niko Kovac but it’s, like, an announcement.

No “Mia san mia”

Because from the beginning, Kovac lacked the undivided backing of the Association. Board boss Karl-Heinz Rummenigge avoided striking is often to make a clear commitment to the coach and not just as the conveyor. Due to Kovac, it should be also come to a dispute between Rummenigge and President Uli Hoeness. From his first day at Kovac for his allegedly low international trainer had to justify the experience. He led Croatia to the world Cup and Eintracht Frankfurt in the Europa League. Both are nice achievements, but it is actually much too little for the “Mia san mia”-the self-understanding of the FC Bayern. And exactly here lies the Problem.

DW sports editor Joscha Weber: “Now, there are exactly two solutions to the Dilemma of the FC Bayern with Niko Kovac.”

The Bavarians chose a Trainer that you doubted really something. As a “small solution” was referred to at the Säbener Strasse, the spoil was sounding trainer names such as Pep Guardiola, Carlo Ancelotti or Jupp Heynckes. That lack of confidence leads to success, now should be a surprise to anyone. And if Kovac says that his Team was still so far to provide “three or four good games in a row”, that’s not what you want to hear in Munich and not really “Mia san mia”. But how in the name of self-confidence also?

Either or: back or get thrown out

Two draws, a defeat and just two wins against the cellar children Paderborn and Cologne – so the pretty poor record of Bayern is out of the last five Bundesliga Games. A intermediate 7:2-Kant victory against last year’s finalists of the Champions League, Tottenham Hotspur, helped only for a short sentiment. The hangover after Oktoberfest is in Munich.

Now, there are exactly two solutions to the Dilemma: Either the entire leadership of the FC Bayern Munich now, and just now demonstratively behind Niko Kovac. Or you finished this Chapter, it reads like a single misunderstanding.

  • 1. FC Cologne will win the basement duel against Paderborn

    1. FC Köln – SC Paderborn 3:0 (1:0)

    At last three points! The 1. FC Cologne finished with the victory against Mitaufsteiger SC Paderborn is a must, refuels but thanks to the deserved success any amount of self-confidence. Terodde (8. Minute/2.v.l.), Schaub (59./l.) and Bornauw (85./R) ensure, in the continuous rain for the gates. Paderborn does not come into play yet courageous way of playing the SCP little time to see.

  • 1. FC Cologne will win the basement duel against Paderborn

    TSG Hoffenheim – FC Schalke 04 2:0 (0:0)

    A day after his 48. Birthday for Schalke Coach Wagner (photo) no gifts from his Team – at least not in the Form of points. Although Schalke have the game on 70 minutes, a tight grip, out to play, but there are few opportunities and, therefore, not a goal. Then, the TSG proposes to: Two counter-attacking goals by Kramaric (72.) and Bebou (85.). decide the game.

  • 1. FC Cologne will win the basement duel against Paderborn

    FC Augsburg – FC Bayern 2:2 (1:1)

    Bayern defender Pavard (front) is operated, the Augsburg-based cheer. In injury time, FCA striker Finnbogason, the 2:2 (90 manage.+1). The Munich fall shortly after the kick-off by judges in the residue (1.). Scorer Lewandowski (14.) and Gnabry (49.) first turn of the game. However, Bayern’s next best chance and fumble in the back. The result is Only a point in the Bavarian Derby.

  • 1. FC Cologne will win the basement duel against Paderborn

    Bor. Dortmund – Bor. Mönchengladbach 1:0 (0:0)

    The BVB captain, Reus (l.) shaping the heated Borussia duel. Two Dortmund matches are subsequently disallowed, however, because of the 30-Year-old is caught Offside. Once Reus will even bring the Ball in the net in (58.). This gate counts and decides the game. Gladbach remains in spite of the defeat of table leaders Dortmund celebrates after four draws in the series, the long-awaited success and moves up to rank four.

  • 1. FC Cologne will win the basement duel against Paderborn

    RB Leipzig – VfL Wolfsburg 1:1 (0:0)

    “We have not brought the two passes in a row, more to the man”, says Leipzig’s coach nail man. “We have been begging for the goal a little bit.” Werner brings to the RB first, after a great Solo with 1:0 to the front of the (54.), but then the Phase starts, the nail man describes, and to compensate by Weghorst (2.v.r., 82.) leads. The “wolves” remain undefeated runner-up.

  • 1. FC Cologne will win the basement duel against Paderborn

    1. FC Union Berlin – SC Freiburg 2:0 (1:0)

    Nothing is out of the possible standings for FC Freiburg. The surprisingly strong Team of coach prank conceded in the case of newly promoted Union Berlin, his first away defeat of the season. Bülter brings to the capitals already in the first Minute on the road to victory. Ingvartsen (84., Image) it makes the lid and ended after four defeats, the black series of the Berlin.

  • 1. FC Cologne will win the basement duel against Paderborn

    Fortuna Dusseldorf – FSV Mainz 05 1:0 (0:0)

    The Fortuna ended after six winless Games your bust-series. Because Fernandez (2.v.l.) in first-half stoppage time due to repeated foul game Yellow-Red looks, needs to Mainz riding the second half of the tenth the best. Hennings scored in the final stage, the winning goal (82.) for düsseldorf, the improve with the home win on table rank 13.

  • 1. FC Cologne will win the basement duel against Paderborn

    Werder Bremen – Hertha BSC 1:1 (1:0)

    “A point is too little, we come to the place is easy”. As a midfielder, it brings scoring to the point. For the fourth Time in a row, Werder remains winless. And, although Sargent (l.), with a deflected shot early in the 1:0 succeed (7.). The Bremen then, but a lot of good opportunities. Hertha striker Lukebakio punished the hosts for their carelessness with the 1:1 (70.).

  • 1. FC Cologne will win the basement duel against Paderborn

    Eintracht Frankfurt – Bayer Leverkusen 3:0 (2:0)

    In Friday’s game, the harmony prevents – driven by double-scorer Paciencia (R., 4., 17. by hand with a penalty) and asset Kostic – the possible jump of the Werkself at the top of the table. The Frankfurt dominate force Bayer 04 with your physical and determination. Dost (l.) scores the final score against, especially in the first half of the disappointing Leverkusen Team.

    Author: Andreas Sten-Ziemons