Boris Johnson’s verhagelter Super Saturday


Boris Johnson has experienced a further defeat. To vote instead for his Brexit Deal that forced the British Deputy to the Premier, a further extension. By Barbara Wesel, London.

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Vote for Brexit Deal postponed











However, no vote on the withdrawal agreement

In the end there were 322 Yes – 306 no votes, Boris Johnson verhagelten his Super Saturday in the house thoroughly. It is the clever foxes in the process are questions which it is here time and time again, the Premier outmaneuver. Ironically, Ex-Tory Oliver Letwin, until recently, a member of the government group, had formulated the proposal of Johnson for a further extension imposes, in order to win more time for the discussion of his Leaving Deal.

Legally, the Prime is now obliged to ask the European Union to a further period of displacement. The entire Opposition had supported the request, because you are not under time pressure to 31. October wants to wave the agreement. The Labour Party experienced a rare spectacle, with their sworn enemies from the Northern Irish DUP, otherwise supporters of the government, to proceed in the vote by the Yes Lobby of house of Commons.

Boris Johnson pulled out all the stops

His predecessor, David Cameron, has called Boris Johnson a few days ago in an Interview an “oiled pigs” that can prevail through all the cracks flood, where others fail at the resistors. This property, however, has not helped him one more vote avert defeat.

Johnson, has been in the house already aggressive and boorish experienced, or clownesque and unfocused, here was the state of man. The British people wanted to do the Leaving behind, so that the government could turn to other issues. “Let’s come together and vote for this Deal”, implored the deputies to the beginning of the five-hour debate in serösem sound. And once more he promised all things to all people: the Brexiteers that you can get off at the end of the transition period, even without a trade agreement with the EU, and the Labour Party, that he had not the intention of the protection of rights for workers and consumers to reduce.

Head Of The Labour Party Corbyn: “Economic Disaster”

But to no avail. The leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn scolded once more on the agreement with the EU, because in the future only a loose relationship with the EU, and in the best case, a trading contract was provided. This Deal is even worse than the Johnson-predecessor, Theresa May, ranted it. The agreement would threaten “Jobs, workers’ rights, our environment, and our health care system”. But the Labour Party had anyway decided this “Tory-Brexit” low agree.

In the next extension

At the end of the forces of the United Opposition ranged, in the Covenant with the angry DUP and a few Tory rebels to give the Prime Minister the for him least pleasant aspect to be the most result. Now, Johnson is ordered to send to 23 o’clock on this Saturday a letter and request an extension to Brussels – actually.

“That was pretty close today,” said Boris Johnson, after another defeat, with a majority of 16 votes against him is so puny. He was not upset about the outcome and believe that the Best thing for the UK, the EU, at 31. To leave October. Defiantly, he added: “I am not obliged to agree to a postponement with the EU, and the law is not forcing me.”

Premier Johnson: “it’s True for this Deal!”

Immediately, the speculation started again, the means by which he could escape that fact. The lawyers on the side of the Opposition, but way ahead of: In the case of a Scottish court procedure is already pending, with the on Monday a judge’s decision can be obtained, which would force the government to an extension of the deadline.

The powerful lower house Speaker John Bercow agreed to write to instead of Johnson himself, the letter to the EU, if the court would ask him. Even the British Ambassador to the EU in Brussels could deliver in the order of the government, if Boris Johnson does not want to put his own signature on it.

However, the Premier is fighting to continue the meeting on Saturday was only a brief respite. On Monday evening, he wants to bring the vote on the Brexit Deal to return to Parliament. The question of the Speaker is top of the join. Because John Bercow, to decide which of the templates is matched. He had rejected once already, Theresa May in the barriers and refused to leave twice on the same template to the vote.

Ex-head of government May: restrained

Once again, the political Situation is confusing, but the “momentum is now running against Boris Johnson, the don’t leave as a winner but as a loser,” says Anand Menon, of the think tank “Changing Europe”. The more time he had to spend with the discussion of the agreement, the more the Labour will be strengthened Party with your Argument that this is bad for the British citizens and an economic Disaster for the United Kingdom.

A new hope sparks

Outside the gates of the house of Commons had gathered a lot of thousand-headed crowd, equipped with Europe, flags, dogs, and children in Europe-bib. From the Elderly to the newborn, the protesters from all Parts of the Kingdom had come to show their anger about the Brexit, and to require a second Referendum. As the vote on the extension went through, heard it on the Parliament Square to a cheering cry from all throats: “Yeeeaah” echoed over the square.

Teacher Anna had come all the way from Scotland, six hours by train to attend the protest March to attend. “We lose all the Brexit, the result is a right-wing ideology has become”, she complains. After three and a half years of bitter discussion would have to be able to decide for the citizen what they really want.

Farmer Mark: “There must be a second Referendum”

Farmer Mark’s coming in from Sussex, where there are many small farms: “Many farmers have voted in favour of the Brexit, because they have not understood that they will lose their subsidies, which come from Brussels. Now we all know more, it must necessarily be a second Referendum.” He is angry and a bit desperate because of the Brexits, because farmers like him he can be Out. “My sheep, and the beef – where should I sell if not in the EU?”

And the protesters now see a glimmer of hope to come through the postponement of a second Referendum? “My head says ‘no’, but my heart says ‘Yes'”, a young London-based courage. “I have a German wife, and my children are Europeans, we are all Europeans”, says a father of a family who came with the whole Clan, including the grandparents. “Now there is perhaps a small window of time for a second vote”. In the case of the protesters this afternoon in London, the desire is seen is father to the thought. And if it doesn’t work, then you need to redefine your Protest to Swan song and funeral March on your life in the European Union.