The Brexit, the British and the “No”


Finally, a Brexit-Deal? First, “no” – because there is still the British house of Commons with his penchant for Procrastination. A debacle for the policy, but a godsend for cartoonists and other fun birds.

Normally, the Spanish signatory to Miguel Fernandez takes for the DW typical German characteristics to the visor. However, the Brexit he could not resist – after all, the is also an ongoing topic in German news. After several attempts, and repeatedly deferred deadlines, can hardly hear the eternal “no” from the British house of Commons yet – neither in Europe, nor on the British island itself.

New transmitter for Brexit-annoyed British

There, the news channel Sky News for Brexit-tired British people, has even set up a new station in life. Because according to a study, one third of the respondents have no more news – most of them, because they can no longer stand Back and Forth around the Brexit. After all, the Brexit is actually, since 2016 is a done deal. The main reported by Sky News, of course, continue to be on Britain’s exiting the EU – and the well-being on a long time, as it looks currently.

No or no?

And then the question is in the future in the Parliament is likely to: Say no, or rather no to the negotiated Deal with Europe? And, if so, when? Or to say it in the words of the Guardian columnist Simon Jenkins in terms of current Events: “Now we go again. The bloody Torso of Brexit will throw this weekend in the torture chamber of the house of Commons.”

The Brexit colors – never before has the British were so little decisive…

The Brexit as a permanent burner in the Social media

Not only is DW-Cartoonist Fernandez takes the Brexit on the grain, even in the Social media about the tug of war fun. And from the looks of it, the nightmare is far from over …


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