Stop in the hall: Who the victims were?


Much has been written in recent days about the alleged perpetrators of the hall. His crime was reconstructed, to be human Enver analyzed eight Video. But who were his victims?

It is the 9. In October, shortly after twelve o’clock at noon, as a pedestrian, Jana L. runs through the St. Paul area in the North of Halle/Saale. It comes straight from the stop by the water tower and would like to home – she lives in the vicinity. When it comes to the local synagogue over, she hears a is pop: the alleged assassin, Stephan B.-built explosive device. With this he wants to the door of the synagogue to crack open, but there has been a massacre. The 40-Year-old believes erroneously to a young troublemaker who throws fireworks through the area – a tragic misjudgement of the Situation. “This must be where I over here long?”, yells at you, Stephan B. yet. As she runs past him, he shoots her in the back several times.

Jana L.: blow girlfriend full of life and joy

After all, what do you know, had Jana L. no personal connection to Stephan B. He shot them in a totally arbitrary manner. People who knew Jana L., to describe them as always cheerful. She was a big music fan, loved hit. On social media she posted a few days before the fact, a photo of a concert of the stars Stefan Mross, the page commented on his Facebook, again after the fact stunned: “We are deeply affected. The rampage in the hall has taken from us our most loyal Fan of the hall… the joy of life, music fan and faithful follower of our music. The life was Janas.”

For the protection of the identity of the victims, the DW does not publish photos of the two deceased

Of the music inside Ella at last, and Andrea Berg Jana L. was collected in the past, also signed autographs and joint photos shot. “I met Jana in many of my concerts and autograph sessions,” said Andrea Berg, the Bild-Zeitung. “What happened in the hall, leaves me deeply saddened and infinitely sad,” the singer continued.

Kevin S.: Glowing HFC-Fan

Also the life of the 20-year-old Kevin S. was marked by a special passion: He was an ardent supporter of the football third division Hallescher FC. Kevin S. was the second victim of Stephan B. died from the approximately 20 kilometres away in Merseburg-born painter, as he spent his lunch break in the Snack bar “Berlin Döner”. On the Day he was inserted in the hall on a construction site in the vicinity. Stephan B. also chose his second victim, apparently at random.

The members of the fan club “Liberta Crew chemistry hall” mourn on your Facebook Page to the loyal Fan, Kevin S., have posted a memorial video. A public memorial service in Merseburg, this week, Grieving should come in Fankleidung: “Kevin was part of the HFC family, and also often in our away trips on the Bus to be present. We wish the family much strength in this difficult time,” said the Statement from the fan club. Also, the club responded: In the case of a Cup game shortly after the fact, joined the team with black ribbon.

Commemoration in front of the Snack “Berlin Döner” Here, Kevin S. died

Friends and Acquaintances of the victim have set up at the local hall of the Sparkasse in hall a donation account for the victims ‘ families. On the platform “open petition” to be collected signatures for the erection of two memorial plaques. They should be recessed at the Points at which the two murders are going to happen.


Also, the couple Jens and Dagmar, for example, from Landsberg-back village is one of the Victims of the alleged right-wing terrorists. They survived injured the attack difficult. On his escape, Stephan B. came in to the small town to the East of the hall and knocked on the door of Jens Z.’s parents house. Jens and his wife were the only ones he encountered there. He demanded the keys to a car. As Jens refused for him handing over the keys, shot the assassin him in the back of the neck. The rushed to the scene, Dagmar, for example, he met in the thigh. Both lives were in danger and had to be operated on. In the meantime, it goes two better, as the father of Jens reported, for example, the “image”-newspaper.

This Saturday, thousands of people gathered in the hall to a big concert in memory of the victims of the attack. Under the Motto #hall together, the organizers wanted to send out a “Signal for an open and peaceful Coexistence, and a message against anti-Semitism”.