K-Pop Star Sulli: First Of All, Media


After the death of the South Korean pop star Sulli is once again erupted in a debate over Hate Speech and cyber bullying. The psychologist Dorothee Scholz recommends to delete the malicious message immediately.

For days after the death of the K-pop star Sulli, South Korean media battles of the message. Last Monday (14. Of October), found the singer dead in her house – maybe it is the last of a series of suicides of young drama and music stars from South Korea. The tabloid media is heating up rumors and dispense it generously to the facts.

Death of a pop star is set medially, as a part or continuation of a Show in a scene, is as unappetizing as cynically and as a result South Korea the most is still very young Stars have to work perfectly. You are, like Sulli – often since childhood under public pressure to live up to the expectations of the followers – not only as an artist but also as a private person. A withdrawal from the role of the image is not provided. The more Sulli stayed the social standards, the more the comment filled columns on your Social Media channels with hostility, and hatred.

“Tell me, what have I done to deserve this treatment”: the deceased singer Sulli

Women as objects

“Celebrities are a projection surface, and thereby subject both of idealization as well as devaluation,” says the psychologist Dorothee Scholz, on the topic of Hate Speech Workshops and in their practice, politicians, bloggers and Activists advises. Women in particular often says the victim of insults by people who have roles are rigid notions of gender, you. “In extreme cases, women are neuronal rather as objects, not as sentient and thinking people processed.” For the offender it was often to cope with their own uncertainties and weaknesses through psychological violence.

Throughout her career, Sullis life was private for the tabloid Newspapers of great interest. That they are known to 2018 in a TV Show, to suffer a long time under panic disorders, was not in the high-gloss entertainment industry and in this regard, culturally-closed-South Korea well. Already in 2014 it was cancelled after the emergence of rumors about her private life all the performances with her former girl group f(x), the 2015 finally left.

On Instagram of Sulli followed 6.6 million subscribers, the singer and actress invited images, which revealed that she wore under their Shirts, no bra. To the criticism that their behavior was inappropriate, responded Sulli a few weeks ago, still on the offensive: “to wear a bra means freedom.” The hostility made her not be afraid, “because I think that more people should drop their prejudices”. As Sulli was killed, is still unclear. The pressure under which they stand, however, in a Video that she had recorded a few days ago: “I’m not a bad person. Why are you talking bad about me? Tell me, what have I done to deserve this treatment.”

Comments to simulate the mass of people

“Younger, that is not strengthened self-image,” says Dorothee Scholz. “You do not, it is clear that the Affection of the Fans is what makes you as an individual. If the Affection is decreasing, then, can deprive you of the floor.“ Comment columns simulated a mass of people, the trigger for the Affected person a feeling of social exclusion.

Evil offended, in a court in a place: Renate Künast

Cyber bullying, Hate Speech, every public (and sometimes non-public) Person is at the latest faced since the invention of Social Media with hostility. Social Media has made the regulars on the Internet. The boundaries shift, especially in a time when even a country court evaluated the worst kind of hatred comments against the German Green party politician Renate Künast as a substantive criticism and freedom of expression are protected looks.

“Online uses a Form of disinhibition, in the network, the regulating influences of the environment are missing. You can experience the other as human, but as a photo, which creates an emotional distance, and compassion reduced. Thus, also barriers to the use of violence will decrease,” says the psychologist Dorothee Scholz. It is recommended not to read Hate Speech, but to delete it immediately. “Hate speech contains no valid criticism or otherwise useful information.”

Hostility drain

Who is stronger, can make, at least, from dealing with a harmless hostility a fun. The British singer James Blunt responds to mischievous Tweets with a British sense of Humor: As a spectator of the “Graham Norton Show” will be upset and there Blunt could sing, although Bruce Springsteen was a guest, says Blunt laconic: “You get what you deserve.” In other cases, the singer is not afraid of slippery Counter.

The US-Late-Night-Talker Jimmy Kimmel has introduced his Show even the heading of “Mean Tweets,” in the years since, celebrities, and Oscar-winners like Julia Roberts, Matthew McConaughey, Emma Stone and Gary Oldman nasty Tweets about themselves aloud. Then they pretend to be bent to agree with the authors, or back to insult you. So you escape the wickedness of the breeding ground.

Digital Celebration Evening

Who has the Standing and the self-confidence of these Stars, and concentrate under heavy load more on interpersonal relationships and leisure activities in the analogue world, says Dorothee Scholz. “Celebrities should not invest their entire time in the fan work, but a break – and a digital night.” The case your career success slopes, and difficult for many, because it is a decisive of their popularity: “it is not only about one’s own identity, but also to existential fears.”

In South Korea, the caravan has already moved on. After Sulli offered by your death, no attack surface, the more concentrated the alleged Fans on her Ex-boyfriend, the Rapper Choiza. Although separated, the Couple two years ago, they gave him the blame for Sullis death – and wished him, may he die in a car accident.

The Deutsche Welle reports cautious on the subject of suicide, since there is evidence that some forms of reporting can lead to imitation reactions. If you entertain even thoughts of suicide or in emotional distress stuck, do not hesitate to seek help. Where there is help in your country, see the Website https://www.befrienders.org/ . In Germany, the telephone counseling helps you with the cost-free numbers 0800/111 0 111 and 0800/111 0 222.