Italy: video proof against racism in the stadium


The Italian football Federation wants to identify, by means of video proof of the spectators, the players racist insult. In the Bundesliga, the video will be evaluated on material from the stages, now, in case of need.

The EM-qualification game in Bulgaria against England on the last Monday showed once more: racism in the stadium remains a Problem, with European football to deal with. The Italian football Federation FIGC wants to use the information the video evidence in order to identify racist Fans. “It is a widespread phenomenon. This has to stop, and for this we will use the video evidence,” said the Association’s President, Gabriele Gravina, the Italian television channel “Sky Sport”. It was no matter “how many Fans join in the chants. Also, in individual cases, you must intervene”. In the past few months, several of the League had been interrupted in Italy-games due to racist incidents, among others, the Premier League match between Atalanta Bergamo and AC Fiorentina.

Video footage from about 20 cameras in the stadium

In the Bundesliga, racist incidents can be investigated according to the German football League (DFL) today by video footage from the stages. “We have in the Bundesliga between 19 and 21 cameras for each stadium,” says a DFL speaker of the DW. “Already, the video is made material, of course, if necessary, the DFB or the security authorities, when it comes in the aftermath of a possible failure of the stadium behavior to work up an audience.” So mid-September had at the Derby between 1. FC Köln and Borussia Mönchengladbach (0:1) a fireworks launcher can be a few Minute after the incident on the basis of the video images, and identified.

Video wizard would be overwhelmed

That, however, as the proposal of the Italian Federation President Gravina suggests – the video wizard is checked during a game, the camera shots, which are made by the tribunes, appears rather unlikely. As the discussions of the past, the video showed proof, the referee in the Video-Assist-Center (VAC) in Cologne enough to pay attention to possible erroneous decisions on goals, penalties, or Red cards.