Comment: The Brexit-the Show goes on unabated


Surprising turn of the century in London. The house moves the Brexit vote to force the Prime Minister to draft legislation. One can only wonder still, says Bernd Riegert.

The house of Commons in London: a back door?

If “Brexit” would be a TV series, would have garnered the melodrama, with its unexpected twists and turns and political punchlines many prizes at international Festivals. With the comedian Boris Johnson as an actor and a Parliament as a spectacular turning stage in the latest episode of “Brexit reached ratings” this Saturday, record-breaking.

The only Problem is, Brexit is for the British and the EU is not a work of fiction, you can turn off with the remote, but real life. And slowly the watch is really a torment. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has failed with his, the second with the EU-negotiated contract Exits in the house of Commons provisionally. The vote had to be postponed because the MPs suspect that the Prime Minister still finds a back door, at 31. To leave October with a”hard” Brexit for the European Union. The parliamentarians want to see all the bills for a regulated Brexit necessary, before you vote on the entire contract. The before the desired exit date is as good as impossible.

Extension always possible

Europe Correspondent Bernd Riegert

Now an extension of the negotiation phase, a new season of the “Brexit”-duration series would be so payable, in order to meet the demands of the lower house. The European Union would be after some Grumbling from France is certainly willing to grant an extension and to move the exit date for the third Time. What is needed is a request from London and a somewhat credible justification for it. However, it is no secret that the EU is not to blame for a non-Brexit want to be. To answer to the British times, beautiful yourself, is the rule of thumb of the EU diplomats. Therefore, there will be an extension, when Boris Johnson asks for it.

He falls hard, is understandable. Finally, he wanted to prefer to lie “dead in a ditch” than it is to do this step. In Brussels, the Prime Minister took it up with the truth about the likely consequences of the Brexits never has lost any credibility. Two days ago, Johnson had claimed against the other 27 heads of state and government, he would bring the new Brexit Deal with a majority by the lower house. Puff cake!

Everything is no longer funny

The European Union it has with the processing of the application for renewal not in a hurry. May be a special summit of the EU could grant only a few days or hours prior to the departure date 31.10.2019, 24 CEST, a delay. Also when it comes to the approval of the withdrawal agreement by the British Parliament, must be ratified by the European Parliament the Treaty.

For the audience, the people who are affected by Brexit, for companies, traders, fishermen, exporters, and many more, all this is no longer funny or entertaining. Thousands demonstrated on Saturday in front of the Parliament for remaining in the EU or a new Referendum. To these people, the politicians should listen to the house of Commons. Brexit is not a Show, even if it has more the appearance.