Completely satisfied with the Brexit Deal


The negotiations were tough, but at the end of the EU rail heads of government in Brussels, facilitated by the agreed-upon Deal. So the Ball is back in the British. On Saturday is yet to agree to the Parliament.

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Breakthrough in the Brexit-armed











Brussels and London agree on Brexit Deal

Unanimously, the European heads of government decided at their summit meeting, the new agreement with the UK. There is no one who was not satisfied gave, all wanted to bring the vexed issue of the behind. EU Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker dared to conclude, even as a joke. What he wanted to say for now, the 48 percent of Britons would have voted against the Brexit, asked a British Reporter. “I would tell you that you’re right.” For the EU, but the thing seems to be gone.

Between satisfaction and enthusiasm

“It is a compromise, but we can support him”, Angela Merkel’s assessment was of the usual lack of Emotion. Now we should negotiate as quickly as possible about the future relationship. Nevertheless, they too seemed relieved to have the vexed issue of Brexit from the table. And she praised negotiators Michel Barnier said: “This was high political art”, he had included all the heads of government, the Parliament informed – all were happy. The rumor is that Barnier is also to negotiate the trade agreement and other Deals with the British.

“This was high political art”, Merkel praised the negotiators

Just on the subject of extension, the Chancellor did nothing to elicit. You trust the “old and wise Parliament” in London and haven’t closed the deal, so it would be rejected. And if that should happen, would President of the Council Donald Tusk to find out the correct answer. It was a discreet rejection of Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker, who had previously taken care of in the British media, caused a sensation when he opened a further extension of exclusivity. In fact, he is not responsible, and it is hard to imagine that the government would dismiss the heads of a Please house time for a second Referendum.

This would, however, go only with a gnashing of teeth take place. The agreement was unanimously welcomed, that you realized how the Europeans are annoyed at the end with the endless Brexit Drama. The Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, for example, spoke of a “reasonable compromise” that will convince it all to the Parliament. A defeat, he didn’t want to think at all: “When you fall in love just thinking of you but also how the end might look like.” Falling in love with the exit agreement with the UK? And Luxembourg’s Premier, Xavier Bettel, was encountered in September with Boris Johnson still spectacular together, called the Deal a relief for all.

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Juncker and Johnson announce breakthrough

Ireland is satisfied and relieved

The Irish Prime Leo Varadkar saw in the patient negotiations of the EU in his favor, a lesson for the future: “We can achieve when we are United.” As the leader of a small country he had felt the solidarity of the community. It was not so, that in a large Organisation such as the EU, the Small would be under the wheels, he had always respected, and felt supported. That little Ireland was able to achieve in this case is against the powerful great Britain in maintaining its open border, a victory is perhaps a kind of historical satisfaction for Dublin.

Boris Johnson celebrates itself

Now the United Kingdom could escape from the EU, said Boris Johnson about the outcome of the negotiations. And on paper he’s right. The Premier was also optimistic for the approval by the lower house on Saturday: “I am confident that if the members of all the parties look at the agreement, you will recognise its merits and support, so that the Brexit on the 31. October can take place.” With this magical date, that he repeated like a Mantra, linked to Johnson his chances in new elections.

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For the second Time, the EU has agreed with a British government that an exit agreement. And again, it is unclear whether the Parliament in London, agrees with him. The Drama is not over yet, says Barbara Wesel. (17.10.2019)

Immediately before the start of the EU summit in Brussels, EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will announce a breakthrough in the Brexit-armed. You can follow the events live: (17.10.2019)

Not only the exit agreement, the political Declaration where it comes to the future relationship, called the British Premier a “good Text that meets our objectives”. He has turned back everything, so that in the best case, a simple trading agreement, all references to the approximation of the rules are gone. Johnson wants to abolish as much of the European regulation as possible, and the United Kingdom of “free”. On the other hand, he wants to build a “fantastic new relationship” with the EU, the British Prime Minister has no Problem with contradictions.

The question of the Majority in Parliament and the refusal by the Northern Irish DUP, but he bypassed. Boris Johnson’s appeal is to say: vote for this great Deal! There is now no reason for more delays. On Saturday, the house will show whether he can convince the 320 members of Congress, which he needs for a majority.

Some people don’t want to get out, others come in

On the subject of enlargement it was over then with the Unity. France had already made before the summit is clear that you would not Albania or North Macedonia is currently a green light. The whole extension process is not working and needs to be reformed, had explained to the French Minister for Europe, Amélie de Montchalin. By contrast, Germany is ready to start with the two Western Balkan countries in the accession negotiations. Especially since they would drag on for years. The Meeting of Merkel and Macron in Toulouse had not brought any clarification.

Skopje in Northern Macedonia – the country, like Albania to wait probably even longer for accession to the EU

President Macron has to offer right-wing populists in France, there is no attack surface. He will be supported by Denmark and the Netherlands To Albania, he clearly, ‘no’, said Prime Minister Mark Rutte in Brussels, where there is for Northern Macedonia a little more leeway, with even the house work would have to be made. Three against the vast majority of the EU, which wants to make the Western Balkan countries is now finally a concrete prospect of accession, because otherwise politicians and citizens would lose hope. But, in the extension of the principle of unanimity as before, once more you have to put the contenders somehow.

The designated EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, regretted that they could reach this summit is not a decision for the two countries to meet. Unfortunately, the signs for a positive decision were not good. “Both countries have made enormous efforts in the direction of the EU Standards, and to me , it is important that you get a positive Signal.” But apart from warm words, nothing seems possible at the moment.