Serbian Youtuber, the German wave in the pillory


One of the most popular Serbian Youtuber polemic against a Video that is part of a project of the Academy of Deutsche Welle. In the case of a dispute, it comes to clicks, money and ethics

The 23-year-old Bogdan Ilić is in the world of Youtube is already a Veteran. The Belgrade, called “Baka Prase” (Oma Wutz), with around a Million Views a day as one of the most popular Youtuber of Serbia. His Fans, which he sold other T-Shirts with his Logo, especially children and Adolescents. You have Baka Prase is not only known, but also very rich made. The Youtuber even made sure that the media learned that he has earned his popularity is now a sports car.

Ilić is very present in the media. Since a few days, he provides some Youtuber colleagues in the pillory and with the Deutsche Welle Academy, the training center of the DW. The reason: Baka Prase feel of a YouTube Clip personally attacked.

“I’m doing you idiots”

The history began two years ago, when the DW Academy, the first Brave New Media Forum in Belgrade organized. At the Meeting, it was media’s responsibility – even in the so-called “new media”. Several Youtubers who had participated in the project of the DW Academy expressed their discomfort to verbal insults and defamation, which dominate the Youtuber scene. And they decided to do something about it.

“There was the idea to support Youtubers who believe that it’s better to have a scene where on the one hand there is freedom of speech, on the other hand, but also ethics, without hate speech and Cyber-bullying,” says Klaus Dahmann in the DW Academy of Serbia responsible. “We deal in the project already with media ethics. In Serbia, we cooperate for example with the press Council, which followed the observance of the press code by the print media.”

It is a group of more or less well-known Youtuber, who developed the idea for a song and a Video was formed and the DW Academy has enabled the production. This Video was in April, first-Clip “Clickbait” and the end of September, it was the Video “Drama” online. Both of these Spots reached an audience of millions.

In the songs the writers talk about hunting on clicks and money without regard to losses:

I write Disstracks
because I want to make money
and it feels good
because I’m doing you morons

So it is in the Spot “Drama”, the days on place 1 of the Youtube Trendings stand, and thus the most popular Video was that it was in Serbian Youtube-cosmos.

“Our target audience are more likely to be Creative, so Youtube creators. Especially young Creators, the are to start and understand what is ethical and what is not,” explains Vladimir Marković LoOney, Director of the video, compared to the DW.

According to Klaus Dahmann, the DW Akademie, the Creators of the “Drama” any creative freedom. The training centre of Deutsche Welle, allowed only the technical production of the Video Clips. “Our concern is that the Youtuber can criticize certain tendencies on this Portal and not just a single Youtuber out. They do it in an ironic and self-ironic way. We want to start a discussion.”

Baka is mad

A discussion provoked “Drama” actually is – but not quite so, as the authors of the Clips were presented. Because Baka Prase and some other Serbian Youtuber, who were not involved in the production, my to in the song is recognized and launched something called the YouTube Slang also “Drama”: came Out of it, to say the least, a rude replica of the provoked until today, tens of thousands of comments, in the YouTube Community on the one side or the other provides. And all this in a tone of hurt, even the relatively liberal YouTube rules.

So Bogdan Ilić YouTube channels, which had participated in the “Drama” insulted in a sexist way: “Is that a pickup Line? Then b… me!” Or: “I’d like to f…”.

It’s not just about Clicks and money. It is also about who puts in the Youtuber scene, the Standards, who has the Say – so of domination, which is derived from the number of viewers.

For 500 Euro “sold”?

The Drama continues: in other Clips, Baka Prase and peers Choda – show a other well-known Serbian Youtuber that doesn’t like the DW-support produce Spot – mails in which they, too, are invited to Brave New Media Forum and Video productions from this environment to participate. It both Youtubers draw the conclusion here that “any German for 500 euros,” Serbian Youtuber buy and invest money in order to dispute scatter in the Serbian Youtube scene.

Mihailo Tešić, with 41 years, to the older Internet Generation in Serbia. He is the author of the portal “Tarzanija”, and is one of the creators of the much-watched satirical Youtube show “Dnevnjak”. “The Youtubers have understood that they must work together in order to reach more viewers. The easiest way is to defame each other, a Fake Drama on the trail. Just like in Reality Shows, where we have the feeling to look at our neighbors, who constantly argue. This is always interesting,” says Tešić.

Serbian Youtuber in the Balkan tube firmly.

“A lot of Youtubers have lens no message seen. You are simply trying to establish themselves as a brand. If you find about Baka Prase interesting, then you follow him to see what he is saying nonsense then. But no matter how interesting he may be, he needs content, he can talk – that’s why we need dramas About people”, so Tešić talk.

What the children look?

Bogdan Ilić has so far ignored multiple requests to the DW. On the topic of ethics and the Internet, but he said last Thursday (10. October) in the show ‘Podcast incubator’: “I do believe that I am responsible”, so Baka Prase, “but my first goal is Entertainment. I’m here to bring the people to Laugh. (…) Who gives you the right, my content is bad talk? I have 500.000 views per Video and you have 5,000. The irritates you.”

Who has more viewers, right? The YouTube algorithm supports this way of thinking. Internet Veteran Mihailo Tešić believes that YouTube it – do even if the policy of pressure – difficult to do with extreme content, Hate speech and conspiracy theories to deal. “There was a lens in such a Situation. Therefore, we do not know how to deal with it. We are helpless.”

Klaus Dahmann from the DW Akademie is convinced that an old-fashioned approach: dialogue. Therefore, Dahmann, have you invited Youtubers like Baka Prase to the discussion. “Just because we don’t criticize you directly, but a discussion on want to start. If we see in the future that you are open for discussion: always happy to help.”

Until then, however, the Drama will continue to “Drama”. Bogdan Ilić announced for Saturday another own song. After that, a new round follows with the safety reactions of the armed included. But at least this new Serbian Drama has made it an important issue to the fore: The question of where freedom of expression ends and where Hate speech and bullying start.