EU summit: Even without Leaving many open questions


Not only the Brexit will ensure that the EU summit this Thursday and Friday for a fierce debate, but also topics such as personnel, money, and the enlargement of the EU. Will there be answers? From Brussels Bernd Riegert.

Even without the Brexit-the Drama, the ongoing negotiations on the withdrawal of the UK from the EU, the Union has enough problems to fill the two summit days in Brussels. “This is a very unusual summit, because all the big questions are open,” said an EU Diplomat ahead of. “The only thing that is clear, is the beginning of the summit on Thursday afternoon.” The design of the normally very extensive summit declarations, this time is only two pages long and consists mainly of Headlines with no real content.

What is the major construction sites are, by the Brexit apart?

French President Macron expects more from the future President of the Commission of the Leyen (archive image)

A member of staff makes for a bad mood

The French President, Emmanuel Macron arrives somewhat offended to Brussels. His candidate for the post of a European Commissioner was rejected by the European Parliament – an Affront, the Macron, the new EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen in the shoes pushes. On the sidelines of the summit of the liberal Macron and the conservative von der Leyen want to explore, for which the new French candidate, a majority in the fragmented Parliament could.

Therefore, the German-French relationship impacted? Finally, a close Confidante of the German Chancellor is of the Leyen. EU diplomats waving. The rejection of Macrons candidate Sylvie Goulard was rather the revenge of the conservative group Chairman Manfred Weber. The President of France, Macron, in turn, had in July as the new President of the European Commission prevents and instead, Ursula von der Leyen on the shield lifted. German Chancellor Angela Merkel had tried to the latest Said to stay out of this. The conservative EPP group in the European Parliament, has not, apparently, under control. Von der Leyen must face in November in the Parliament vote with their new team. A majority is not safe.

Merkel and Macron promise of harmonious cooperation, but not in all topics

Extension is charged to German-French cooperation

Pretty lonely, the French President Macron on the subject of Easter is because of the EU. The Chancellor wants to advertise for the beginning of accession negotiations with Northern Macedonia and Albania. Macron rejects accession negotiations strictly, although the EU-Commission, EU-Parliament, and almost all other EU member States meets all the conditions to see. Here it is not a conflict between Merkel and Macron, but to France, against the Rest of the EU. At the preparatory meetings of the Council of Ministers, the German Minister of state at the Federal foreign office, Michael Roth showed up, very disappointed by the French attitude.

Differences in individual political issues but according to Emmanuel Macron, a partnership. He had said last April, when Germany and France slightly different positions in the Brexit-Drama represented. The dialogue between the two Nations requires it, “to accept sometimes fruitful confrontations, but always with the desire to ultimately find a compromise,” said Macron. EU diplomats do not believe that the German-French locomotive stutters in the EU, since the EU has approved after a long struggle, the Euro-zone Budget for investment, for the Macron long had quarreled, and the Germany has trimmed back to a manageable size.

The harmony at the West-Balkan summit in Berlin is deceptive: Macron wants to leave the North of Macedonia and Albania to continue to wait

When it comes to money, every friendship ends

There is no Consensus when it comes to money. The heads of state and government of all member States will be fierce over the seven years of the EU-fighting Budget for 2021 to 2027. Germany belongs to a large group of net payers who want to cap the EU Budget at 1.0% of European economic output. France can imagine 1.03 per cent. The EU Commission had proposed to 1.13 percent. Due to the exit of the British is a gap between the revenue and a large gap to be closed by savings and higher contributions to the net contributors. France does not want to interfere with the subsidies for its farmers. Germany argues that there is more money for Innovation, Migration, and the future had to be spent, expenditure. The Net beneficiaries are fighting back against cuts in subsidies for weak regions of the EU, from which you can benefit the most. An agreement on the budgetary framework is not likely to be in a year, when Germany, by far the largest net contributor, even rotation will have the presidency of the EU Council.

Turkey should continue to hold the refugees back, as it is here in Cesme, wants the EU

Turkey and refugees

The invasion of the EU accession candidate Turkey in Northern Syria, is unanimously condemned, and Turkey asked again to withdraw. A single arms embargo against the NATO ally, Turkey has not adopted the European Union; some countries, including Germany and France, said they wanted to deliver in the future, no more weapons. The French advance, to advise on economic sanctions will not be pursued further by the EU. From the German point of view would have to be mainly talked about how to support the Turkey for the supply of about three million refugees, and migrants more. The “refugee deal” from 2016, which had led to a rapid decrease in Travel to Greece, is to be maintained, in spite of all the threats from Ankara. Concrete decisions are not expected at this summit, but at least a political intention, how, in principle, with the Turkey and the migrants are to be dealt with, would have to be visible, hope EU diplomats.

Friendly Gestures, complex negotiations: the British Prime Minister, Johnson (re.) and EU Council President Tusk

Special summit possible

The EU summit will go on as usual on Friday noon to end, but this time, the Brexit could be EU, the outgoing-President-in-office to make Donald Tusk, a dash through the bill. Tusk, the passes in the six weeks of his Post to the Belgians, Charles Michel, could be forced to leave on Friday about the Brexit Treaty for advice. If a Text is present. If…

If not, it is not excluded a special summit of the EU even before the targeted exit date on 31.10.2019.