EU heads of state and government to approve the new Brexit Treaty


The heads of state and government of the European Union are relieved that there is still a Deal with the British colleague, Johnson. The next hurdle is in London. Bernd Riegert from Brussels.

Cheerful mood after a tough battle: Boris Johnson (li.) and Jean-Claude Juncker

The EU heads of state and heads of government at their summit the Brexit meeting adopted the agreement. The summit participants had completed their Brexit consultations, said a EU spokesman in the evening in Brussels. EU Council President Donald Tusk, knew that report a short time later at a press conference, it had come to a breakthrough, after the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson customs controls at the entry points to Northern Ireland have accepted. Tusk assured that the unit was guaranteed internal market. EU Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker added that the Brexit Treaty, secure a transition period until the end of 2020. For Ireland, the solution to guarantee the stability on the island as well as in the EU internal market.

The EU summit will start with the positive news of the Brexit-the agreement, announced Prime Minister of Luxembourg, Xavier Bettel at the beginning of the meeting in the Belgian capital. “Yes, this is not necessarily the case at every summit,” says charm quite excited at the entrance of the Council building in Brussels. All the other heads of state and government, the advice today and tomorrow, values, the agreement on an exit agreement for the United Kingdom, which succeeded the negotiators at the last Minute, as a good sign. German Chancellor Angela Merkel, however, remains cautious. “We consider the now, in the moment, and we then form our opinion. But of course, we also know large parts of this agreement already. In this respect, I say, this is good news,” said Merkel.

“So good news”: Angela Merkel on the way to the press statement in the Council

Chief negotiator, Michel Barnier, had declared at noon to – day and long nights of negotiations to the press in Brussels that there were now a fair and reasonable Basis: “We have agreed with the British government on an agreement that makes an orderly exit of Britain from the EU, and it includes a framework for future relations.”

Border between Northern Ireland and great Britain

The 64 pages long Text guarantee, so Barnier, that the Northern Ireland part of the EU could remain a single market and at the same time, customs is technically the United Kingdom of great Britain might belong to. In Principle. Because should there be a risk that goods from Northern Ireland are managed in the EU member country, Ireland, would EU duties are levied. “Northern Ireland a limited number of EU will remain-governed by rules, especially at the time of goods transport. This means that all the necessary controls at the access points to Northern Ireland, but not at the border on the island of Ireland,” said Michel Barnier.

The checks should only take place between Northern Ireland and great Britain. A border on the island of Ireland is avoided. Through this scheme, the North can vote in Irish Parliament by 2024 once. After that, you is valid indefinitely, unlike the original “Backstop” that would have kept the whole of the United Kingdom until the conclusion of a trade agreement into a customs Union with the EU. Now, only Northern Ireland remains, in fact, in the customs Union. Almost the same scheme had been rejected by the then British Prime Minister, Theresa May 2017. No British Prime Minister could ever accept that there should be a border between great Britain and Northern Ireland, said at the time.

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Barnier: people and peace in Ireland, were in the foreground

Johnson calls on Parliament for its consent

The British Prime Minister, who looked pretty exhausted, met before the start of the actual EU summit, Commission President Juncker. Johnson called the Brexit agreement good for both sides, and appealed to the house of Commons in London: “I hope now that my colleagues in Westminster people can pull together to do the Brexit to bring this excellent agreement across the finish line and deliver without further delay.” The Northern Irish DUP party has rejected the new agreement, however. The deputies of the lower house is expected to vote in a special session on Saturday. According to the will of the conservative group, you should only have the choice between the Deal that is being touted by Prime Minister Johnson, and an outlet without a contract. Termination date to December 31. October stay. EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said he saw now no reason for an extension of the withdrawal negotiations. “The Parliament should agree to” recommended Junker, he conceded: “I have to say that I’m glad about the agreement, but sad about the Brexit.”

First, a Transition

The United Kingdom of great Britain and Northern Ireland should the EU indeed, at 31. October, leave, would initially apply until at least the end of 2020 a transitional phase. In this Phase, would change for people in the UK, in fact, little. The EU rules would continue to apply. The transition time is to be used, a free trade to negotiate agreements for the time after that. The conditions and regulations that apply on this side and beyond of the English channel, to allow a “play by the same rules”.

Johnson had insisted that there should be no close political and economic partnership with the EU. His promise is that Britain takes back control of his Affairs. However, the customs and trade rules that will now apply in Northern Ireland, will continue before the European court of justice in Luxembourg enforceable. Boris Johnson is in spite of everything confident: “All parts of the UK leave the EU totally and completely.”

One goes out, two come from? Extension controversial

After Brexit, the heads of state and government want to advise leaders about the Start of accession negotiations with Northern Macedonia and Albania. The vast majority of States is to start with the Balkan countries, after years of promises and efforts at reform negotiations. France is opposed to it.

No new members: Emmanuel Macron wants to reform the EU

The French President, Emmanuel Macron requires a prior Reform of the whole accession process. The German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, has little sympathy. The Argument from Berlin is, negotiations with the Balkan States would take years, or decades. The changes in the process, you could make in the current proceedings. A solution of the dispute is impossible. A shift to the next summit in December is likely to be. The heads of government of the North-Macedonia and Albania, Zoran Zaev and Edi Rama, in Brussels and in the EU institutions and in bilateral talks once more for your applications tumbled.