VW plant: New offer from Bulgaria


According to the preliminary planning stop for a VW plant in Turkey, Bulgaria, senses a new opportunity. In order to secure the contract, the Land is ready to double the offered subsidies.

“We have found a way, the Volkswagen group, instead of 135 million euros from 250 to 260 million euros,” said the former head of state Rossen Plevneliev, the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung”. He is currently the President of the Bulgarian automotive cluster in Sofia.

VW had been submitted to a corresponding offer, a response had not yet been made, he added. You add the infrastructure, such as the connection to the Rail, motorway and the metro, offer Sofia 800 million euros, in order for VW to decide for Bulgaria instead of Turkey.

VW plays on time

Due to the Turkish military offensive in neighbouring Syria, Volkswagen had said on Tuesday that the decision about a new car factory in the country moved. The Prime Minister of the VW parties state of lower Saxony, Stephan Weil, also said: “as long As the conditions are the way they are now, I can’t imagine that Volkswagen will be investing a considerable commitment in Turkey.”

Sofia plays fair, Ankara foul

But it is not only the President of the Bulgarian automobile Federation promises to be the car maker for an increase of the original offer. The head of the state Agency for investments (AI), Stamen Janew said on Wednesday the Bulgarian state radio: “there Should be a possibility according to the European legislation, we could rethink our financial offer and check”. The government in Sofia think so Janew, strictly to the rules of the European Union.

You could not tell from Ankara, after pushing the Ex-head of state Rosen Plevneliev: The Turks have broken the rules. So Ankara’s offer of 400 million euros of direct subsidies and wool, instead of the initially offered 40. 000 company car buy now 100,000 state bodies from VW. This corresponds to a purchase price of 25 000 Euro per Passat calculated an additional subsidy of 2.5 billion euros.

“Bulgaria plays according to the rules,” said Plevneliev, and advertised: “We are a stable, democratic state of law can produce in the EU, in the VW on favorable terms with well-trained workers.” The negotiations with Wolfsburg were never demolished, even after the establishment of a subsidiary in Manisa, Turkey by VW. “As long as VW does not write the Treaty with Turkey, we are reachable day and night for it to work in Bulgaria.”

Interesting offers from Sofia and out of Bucharest

Bulgaria could expand the cooperation with Volkswagen also to other areas, said Plevneliev also. The Southeast European country wanted to build an infrastructure for electric cars. “We also have ideas about how we could have come up with additional infrastructure and training activities for Volkswagen support.”

From Bulgaria’s neighboring country is at the same time in the absence of another offer to Wolfsburg: “We have initiated new talks with the Volkswagen group,” – quoted by the Romanian newspaper “Ziarul Financiar” trade Minister Stefan Radu Oprea. Romania has a “very good” technical requirements and have no Problem to get workers. In Romania is already produced by the Renault owned Dacia.

dk/hb (dpa, rtr, FAZ)