Booker Prize goes to Atwood and Evaristo


With the Booker prize for literature, the British Bernardine Evaristo, and the canadian Margaret Atwood to be honored in this year the same two authors. The price is considered to be the most important award for British literature.

The prize-winners: Atwood (l.) and Evaristo at the award ceremony in London

The price-Jury exceptionally awarded the Booker Prize to two writers, although the Regulations prohibit the meanwhile. The British Bernardine Evaristo is an award for your book “Girl, Woman, Other”. The canadian Margaret Atwood gets the prize for the novel “The Testament.”

The 79-year-old Atwood is one of the few two-time winners of the Booker prize. In 2000, she had received him already for the book “The Blind Assassin”. The now excellent novel “The Testament” is a continuation of her novel “Handmaid’s Tale” from the year 1986. The story takes place in the near future in North America that has fallen under the rule of a theocratic dictatorship with the name Republic of Gilead. Women are oppressed in the Patriarchal society under massive.

The authors – each with a copy of your excellent work

Evaristo tells in her book, “Girl, Woman, Other” the stories of twelve people, mostly dark-skinned British women, whose lives are intertwined. The book did something magical “explicitly”, the Jury found. “I’m the first black woman to have won this award,” said the 60-year-old writer at the award ceremony. You do not hope, however, that you stay long the only.

In the past years, the award was called “Man Booker Prize”. In January, the Investment gave the company It known to the Group, however, its withdrawal as a Sponsor. The Booker Prize is considered the most important literary prize in the UK. He is endowed with 50,000 pounds (about 57,000 euros). The two winners of the prize share of the money. Will be awarded to authors who write in English and whose works appear in the UK. Last year the award went to the Northern Irish novelist Anna Burns. She was honored for her novel “Milkman”, about the experiences of a young woman in the years of the Northern Ireland conflict.

The prize is awarded since 1969, and was reserved to 2013, authors from the British Commonwealth and Ireland, whose novels have been published in the UK. Since 2014, authors from other English-speaking countries are admitted.

In addition to the Booker Prize, the Booker International Prize. This is awarded to novels from all over the world, which have been translated into English.

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