Triathlon Coach, Dan Lorang: “Sensational Success”


Anne Haug, Jan Frodeno to win the title at the Ironman world championship. Both are supervised by coach, Dan Lorang. Both would have been “fully focused” he says in a DW Interview, and reveals, when he, too, believed in the victory.

Let the competition in the final Marathon: world champion Anne Haug

Deutsche Welle: you have two triathletes, both of which picked up the world title. Since the Coach can only be happy, right?

Dan Lorang: I’m definitely satisfied. It was a small Vision, I’ve put time in your own head, but which certainly marriage was unlikely. The aim was that both the athletes can get the most out of himself and you are done. If it is enough then to two Wins, that is, of course, sensational. It will take a few days or weeks, until I realized properly.

What was the key for the success?

I would not speak of a special key, since both athletes have different levels of preparation, and a different history had. We have individual concepts elaborated in order of the day-“to be X” fit. Jan was, for example, this time for five weeks in Maui, respectively, of Kona, in order to acclimate better to the heat. In the case of Anne, we tried your basic fitness, especially to bring on Swimming, Cycling and athletics to a higher level, because we had to work reduced by the injuries in the first half of the year in the Run. In the end, it was full focus on this one day, to know the absolute confidence in the program, and the mental strength that you can win this race.

“Here, what’s going on was mighty”: Dan Lorang after the finish of the Ironman Hawaii

Jan Frodeno has determined the race. Agreed, the attack on the last Radkilometern?

We had discussed the attack, but in the race must then decide Jan situationally, what is possible and how to do it for him. In doing so, he may be the intensity window in which he in so an attack move.

Anne Haug has secured the victory with a very good Marathon. They were in the run-up to unsure of how the mileage would be. When did you have the feeling it will be enough for 1st place?

At five kilometers from the finish, I was relatively sure that she could walk home. In the conditions, of course there is always the danger that a short high-in front of the target again “” but she has divided her powers perfectly, and everything is done correctly.

Dan Lorang (40), is one of the most sought-after endurance coaches in Germany. As the “Head of Innovation” he has supervised the Cycling team Bora-hansgrohe, and is also the coach of the two triathletes Jan Frodeno, Anne Haug. The Luxembourg studied sports science at the technical University of Munich and later became a Federal coach of the German Triathlon Union. In this time his collaboration with Haug and Frodeno has its roots. Frodeno is one of the most successful triathletes in history. In Beijing in 2008, he became Olympic champion, in 2015, 2016 and 2019, he won the world title on the long distance to Hawaii. Anne Haug is Vice-world champion on the short distance and was in her Hawaii debut in 2018 third 2019, she won as the first German competition.

The Interview was conducted by Jens Krepela.