Hope for trade deal between U.S. and China


For more than a year, the United States and China plating each other again and again with new punitive tariffs. President Trump now provides this, with Expressions of optimism.

President Donald Trump speaks outside the White house to reporters

The much-anticipated trade talks between the two largest economies in the world to run, and Optimism prevails currently. US President, Donald Trump gave up after the first day of the consultations satisfied. The discussions went “very, very good,” he told journalists in Washington. Hours earlier, the President had announced via Twitter on Friday in a personal Meeting with the Chinese Vice-Minister Liu He. Great day of negotiations with China, he wrote more. “You want to make a Deal, but I want to?”

Alone the Tweet back was the American stock exchanges for optimism and lured investors in the U.S. stock market. The benchmark indices Dow Jones, Nasdaq and S&P 500 rose.

The Chinese Delegation is headed by Vice-Premier Liu, the US-side of the trade representative Robert Lighthizer and Minister of Finance Steven Mnuchin. The talks in Washington are scheduled to continue for two days.

The U.S. trade representative Lighthizer, China’s Vice Premier Liu and US Secretary of the Treasury Mnuchin (v. l. n. r.)

Immediately before the negotiations had shown the government in Beijing is still upset about the recent criminal actions of the United States. The US government had placed Visa restrictions against representatives of the Chinese leadership and the Communist party imposed, and 28 of the Chinese government and trade organizations on a black list to restrict exports to you. The justification for these measures had been in order, China, the Muslim minority of Uighurs forcibly under pressure.

A group photo before the start of the crucial discussions in Washington

The Trump before 15 months incited a trade war impacted the global economy. There has been amplified speculation that the two countries, as a transitional step to a partial Deal could communicate.

Agreement or new criminal duties?

Should be achieved in the talks, no breakthrough will be on Tuesday, existing punitive tariffs on Chinese imports to the value of around 250 billion US dollars of 25 percent to 30 percent increases. Additional penal duties are to be added in December. The US government would then have special duties on almost all imports from China – worth about 500 billion US-Dollar imposed. The trigger for the trade conflict, the anger Trumps was the fact that the people’s Republic exported more to the USA than Vice versa.

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