Frodeno Coach, Dan Lorang: “The Ironman Hawaii is not predictable”


With Anne Haug, Jan Frodeno two views start rich triathletes by Coach, Dan Lorang at the Ironman world Championships in Hawaii. What sets them apart and why the race is not predictable, explains Lorang in the DW-Interview.

As fast dreams can burst on Hawaii: Jan Frodeno with back problems, 2017

Deutsche Welle: Mr. Lorang, two of their athletes at the Ironman world championship in Kailua-Kona ( on the 12.10.2019 here in the DW live Ticker for this) at the Start: two-time Hawaii winner Jan Frodeno (2015, 2016) and the year-on-year third Anne Haug. If we look first on the women’s race, expect the next Solo Show of four-times champion Daniela Ryf from Switzerland?

I think in normal case it will be, of course, so that the victory goes once again through you. Behind it, the performance has increased density. A few athletes, maybe even the debutante Laura Philipp, can arrive Lord. But at the moment there is nothing what would speak against that Daniela delivers here again a strong race and the dominant will be the end of woman. The question is just: What happens to it? There is also the race tactics plays a big role. It will be a very exciting race to each Position. To make a forecast is extremely difficult.

Anne Haug was injured and was only completed in August in Copenhagen, a long-distance, however, in a fantastic time. What are you going to trust her?

Dan Lorang trained Hawaii Favourite Jan Frodeno

Her third place as a Hawaii-debutante last year was great and has given her self-confidence that you can bring under these heat conditions. That you could now back up so late its starting place in Kona, was not our strategy. Because you have to be in the Training carefully, in order for the Athlete to come out healthy at the Start. That means in plain text: it has now can not make a hundred percent in the last year. Nevertheless, it is very good what she has shown. By your violation, we were able to work a bit more on the bike. We hope that you will become so when Cycling a bit more. If it’s enough then when you Run in the end, you will only see in the Competition.

We take a look at the men: unlike last year, your Athlete Jan Frodeno is this time in top shape at the starting line, Sebastian Kienle, also. Last year’s winner Patrick Long is a miracle bag. He had a weak season, yet we must not write him off in Kona, is it?

You would not know the history of the past few years, you would not count Patrick, perhaps the favourites to win, because this year, other athletes have shown better performance. But he has already proven that he can concentrate extremely on this peak. There prevail conditions, which are very good. Therefore, you have to have him on the bill. Is There are a lot of good men that have delivered this year, fabulous times. The men’s race is a close one. I think there’s also very much mental is going to happen: How does everyone with the pressure, also with the different situations in the race? Who is willing to go to risk and to invest more?

The clock is very exciting. To ride In a group, would come the barrel-Ass Long. That is, the good cyclists need to attack on the track?

In any case. That is certainly the goal of a gap to tear up. There are several strong runners in the field. It will also find professionals who will try it on the bike, maybe alone, like Sebastian Kienle or Cameron they. But first, it is known to be swum dimensions, and this leads to a certain output position. The first two minutes of catching up, also costs energy. In my opinion this year more than ever, The most complete Athlete will win. The one who is able to divide his forces at the best, of the on the basis of the conditions of consideration and its tactics-oriented.

How splits, double world champion, Jan Frodeno of his powers – is it because of you as a Coach exact specifications?

This is different. There are athletes who want a very clear message and to keep 90 percent of it. And then there are athletes with whom we talk in advance about what is possible. Jan is an athlete, which deals exactly with its data. We will discuss some tactics. In the Competition, he decides, depending on the Situation. He has a very good body feeling and can react flexibly. Especially in the case of the race in Kona, it is extremely difficult to predict so exactly hit, that you can, for example, making Watt-requirements for performance on the bike. If it is warmer or cooler than intended, or the humidity of the air changes, makes a big difference. A race in Europe is more predictable.

Lorang-protégé Emanuel Buchmann: On eye-level with the top of the world in Cycling

Do you provide professional cyclist Emanuel Buchmann, the third of this year’s Tour de France. Also, an extreme endurance performance. In this context, they stressed the importance of the mental component. With increasing competition duration, it is becoming more and more important. This is also true for the Marathon in Hawaii?

In any case. One must keep in mind that the margin of the performance of the top athletes in the individual disciplines is perhaps greater, but the overall performance is not far apart. The difference comes from the Mental. How can I perform more than eight hours at my Limit? How do I deal with this, if something happens that I haven’t painted me out? I would even argue, it will not necessarily win the Athlete you would find in the laboratory that he has the highest efficiency. It is, rather, the gain that is set from the head to this day. Can deal with this Situation and the best in every situation brings. The stay focused, not make mistakes, be cool, nourished and on very many things to respect, even though he is in the Competition.

About Jan Frodeno you have said, that he gives you as a coach always have the feeling to always want to win. How does this manifest itself?

Actually always, when you speak with him. You could also say, with a view to a race to him: “Look, for the first time, and then when you come to the Podium, it’s good.” In such a case, he would likely to end the collaboration relatively quickly. He wants to win, and so you have to think also on the other side and act. If he could retrieve his best performance, and it was not enough, he can accept the safe. Satisfied he’s not going to be. For this you have to be in Training to be honest. This is my Part, as I consider the relatively sober. The goal is clear: He wants to win, whether at the field-forest-and-meadows-Triathlon or Kona. To make matters worse: He can lose only really. He needs the pressure. He’s out like that, and that tickles the last from him. But this produces a great tension for him and his whole environment.

Dan Lorang (40), is one of the most sought-after endurance coaches in Germany. As the “Head of Innovation” he has supervised the Cycling team Bora-hansgrohe, and is also the coach of the two triathletes Jan Frodeno, Anne Haug. The Luxembourg studied sports science at the technical University of Munich and later became a Federal coach of the German Triathlon Union. In this time his collaboration with Haug and Frodeno has its roots. Frodeno is one of the most successful triathletes in history. In Beijing in 2008, he became Olympic champion in 2015 and 2016, he won the world title on the long distance to Hawaii. In the past two years he had to struggle with injuries. Anne Haug is Vice-world champion on the short distance and was in her Hawaii debut in 2018 a third party.

The Interview was conducted by Jens Krepela.

  • The Myth Of Ironman Hawaii

    Long Eight-hour mark crack

    Patrick Long of 2018, on his lone way to Triumph. Despite the heat, he is as in the previous year, the Ironman world champion in Hawaii. But this time with a special touch: a Long time a total down time of seven hours and 52 minutes. For the first time under eight hours! An optimal day – in the end he makes his friend Julia a marriage proposal.

  • The Myth Of Ironman Hawaii

    Frodeno dominated in Hawaii

    Frodeno wins in 2015, (image) and also equal to the 2016 Ironman world Championships in Hawaii – a sort announcement. After his Olympic victory in 2008, is the final breakthrough of the “Frodo” in the scene. In 2015, the Cologne, the fifth German to win the prestigious competition. $ 120,000 additional motivation to take the physical stresses and strains.

  • The Myth Of Ironman Hawaii

    Out of respect for the race

    2017 Frodeno must have buried all hopes of a victory. Back problems do a fast marathon is impossible. The competition is passing loose. Instead of giving up, walking, kneads and jogs the double world champion to the finish. “Out of respect for the race,” he says later.

  • The Myth Of Ironman Hawaii

    Amateurs and professionals in a race

    Special feature of the Ironman world championship – All start on the same route. As the 67-year-old Peggy McDowell-Cramer in the year 2008, you have to fight for hours to the target and be received there late in the night, still thrilled. A part of the “myth of Hawaii” in the Triathlon scene.

  • The Myth Of Ironman Hawaii


    At the Premiere in 1978, there are 15 extreme sports, go to the Start. Twelve to reach the goal. Up to 40 degrees Celsius, barely a shadow, the infamous Mumuku winds and more than eight hours of Sport on the Limit – the best in the early years of the US-Americans Dave Scott at the. He wins between 1980 and 1987, six Times.

  • The Myth Of Ironman Hawaii

    A legendary duel

    Only a triathlete, comes on just as many victories: Mark Allen. In 1989, he delivers with Dave Scott probably the most famous Triathlon-duel of all time, by the press as the “Ironwar” is the title. Both swim, ride and run throughout the day, always in sight, until younger All the wins to settle and close.

  • The Myth Of Ironman Hawaii

    Hell on wheels

    1997 wins with Thomas Hellriegel for the first time, a German. The key to his success: his strong, he had a lead of 4:24:50 hours – a Hawaii-record to light brings bar the nickname “Hell on wheels” and eleven years until another German breaks: Norman Stadler.

  • The Myth Of Ironman Hawaii

    German Domination

    For three years, no one comes to the German past in Kona: 2004 and 2006 wins Normann Stadler (l.), 2005 Faris Al-Sultan (r.). A duel of two exceptional athletes who could be more contrary: the more smooth flagship Athlete, Stadler against the unconventional cross-thinker al Sultan.

  • The Myth Of Ironman Hawaii

    Second in the “Ironwar 2.0”

    In 2010, Andreas Raelert and Australian Chris Mc Cormack to deliver an epic duel on the run course. Side by side they run like once Dave Scott and Mark Allen at the “Ironwar” in 1989, until a few kilometers before the goal together. Then you can settle McCormack and wins. Will Raelert in Second place. From 2009 to 2013, he manages to always be on the Podium, but never to the very top.

  • The Myth Of Ironman Hawaii

    Australian festival in Hawaii

    Since 2007, Hawaii is firmly in Australian hands. The island belongs already to the United States. However, the most important sports competition, the Australians dominate: Chris McCormack wins twice and Craig Alexander, three times. In 2007 and 2011, the athletes from Down Under even celebrate double victories.

  • The Myth Of Ironman Hawaii

    If iron calves rubber

    While for the Top pros only the winning that counts, it’s the most Starters simply about to Arrive. Not able to do in the sweltering heat in the lava landscape of Hawaii is all. About 10,000 kilocalories consume the athletes during the competition – who don’t eat on the go enough to pay for it quickly.

  • The Myth Of Ironman Hawaii

    Iron Lady on the floor

    No, this lady has no Hungerast, they simply run-in time for an unusual goal: to champion Leanda Cave rolled into the goal, and the Best of the now 575 start is 2012 inside.

    Author: Jens Krepela