Pilgrimage of the BJP to Gandhi 150. Birthday


The Indian ruling party BJP is celebrating the 150. Birthday of Mahatma Gandhi, the “father of the Nation”, with a political pilgrimage. In the process, Modi’s reference to Gandhi is, according to critics, is quite questionable.

Narendra modi in the memory of Mahatma Gandhi

The pacifist Mahatma Gandhi came 150 years ago on the 2. October on the world. His non-violent Rebellion against the English colonial-made the fight for independence of India, known worldwide. The ascetic is considered the father of the Indian Nation. Photographs of him with a shorn head, Nickel, glasses and a cloth wrapped thin body are one of the most famous portraits of the 20th century. Century.

Prime Minister Narendra modi (article image) has called on the Parliament members of his Bharatiya Janata party (BJP), in your choice of a 15tägige hike circles a company to honor Gandhi to. The pilgrimage is part of the campaign, “Gandhi Sankalp Yatra” (English: March in honor of Gandhi), with the help of the BJP in about three hundred thousand Indian villages will occur. At the memorial at Raj Ghat in New Delhi on the West Bank of the river Yamuna, where, on 31. In January of 1948, Gandhi’s body was cremated, it has to go on on Tuesday officially.

Gandhi in 1931 in London to discuss constitutional reform in British India.

Ideal of cleanliness

Modi’s BJP has long been Gandhi’s Ideal of cleanliness on the flags. Gandhi regarded cleanliness as a basis for the physical health, because he knew that pollution and disease are related. He is reported to have said that cleanliness is more important than independence. He demanded of each Individual, his dirt themselves away and not to use the services of as “untouchable” pejorative caste of the Dalit claim. On Gandhi’s birthday in 2014, the modes called the “Mission Clean India” to life. The goal: Every family in India should have access to a toilet, clean drinking water and a System for waste disposal. Up to Gandhi’s 150. Birthday in this year, the goals should be achieved. Especially in the area of provision of toilets, the government can vorwiesen progress, which is confirmed among other things by the world health organization WHO.

Practice of the BJP of Gandhi’s other Ideal far away

Statue of Gandhi at his birthplace Porbandar

With the current campaign, the BJP wants to propagate more of the elements of the doctrine of Gandhi. BJP President Amit Shah said: “BJP is committed to the Ideals and principles of Gandhi to implement. We must, each and every household with Gandhi’s message of cleanliness, non-violence, ‘Swadeshi’ (i.e., production of necessary goods in their own country – Red.) Self-determination and simplicity to achieve.” Also environmental awareness and the remedying social grievances are on the Agenda.

The Journalist Jitendra Choubey to the campaign is critical: “The BJP wants to convey with your political campaign, the message of non-violence, because the party and its followers are associated in the General Public, in the meantime, often with violence. Either you can use Bapu (father – Red. to change ) now, your behavior, or you cant.”

In fact, the BJP propagated yet a single Hindutum that it makes the 300 million members of religious minorities in India is often difficult. Mahatma Gandhi, however, says the sociologist Satish Deshpande, have represented a very open religious attitude: “Gandhi has understood Religion as something Universal. Be Hindu has held him never to believe in all religions and to learn from all something. A Orthodox or radical Hinduism, he has always rejected.”

Doctor Surekha Sha from Gandhi’s birthplace Porbandar: “For many, Gandhi is a God”

Veneration as a Saint

Mahatma Gandhi was born in the state of Gujarat in the small town of Porbandar. His birth house was turned into a memorial, in the Kirti Mandir. Which literally means the “temple of glory”. In the courtyard of the Museum is a pavilion with two portraits of Mahatma Gandhi and his wife Kasturba is located. Lying at your feet, a handful of fresh flowers. Is Gandhi revered here like a God? Puja Esammani, an employee of the memorial, answers: “a Lot of people wanted him because of his good deeds to God. But Gandhi never wanted the people to him as such consider.”

The Doctor Surekha Sha lives his 35 years in Porbandar. Her grandfather was in the fight for freedom is active, so you are busy today with the Work of Gandhi. Gandhi will certainly revered as a God, explains to you, as an Avatar. In Indian philosophy God to take over again the world of forms. “According to the divine Avatar, Ram, Buddha came. And after Buddha, Gandhi. Because some people believe. At least he was a great Saint.” The honorary title of Gandhi, “Mahatma”, meaning “great soul”. This is the literal Translation, explains the sociologist. “But for the people, this means Someone who is worthy of worship. A human being, but the worship worthy of it.”

The entrance to the memorial site to Mahatma Gandhi’s birthplace is reminiscent of his spinning wheel campaign as part of the national self-sufficiency

Rejection of Gandhi by Hindu radicals

Prime Minister Narendra modi has presented himself always as a follower of Mahatma Gandhi. However, the ideas of Gandhi and the squad Organisation of the RSS, the mother organisation of the BJP apart, far. Especially with regard to their attitude towards the Muslims in the country. The sociologist Satish Despande explains: “Gandhi wanted that the majority of the society, the Hindus, guest friendly, and the minorities are allowed to feel safe. For this he was ready to do a lot to give up.” Because Gandhi wanted that Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the President of the Indian Muslim League, first Prime Minister of independent India. As we know, it was different, India was partitioned and Jinnah, the first head of government of Pakistan. With his attitude of Gandhi attracted the hatred of right-wing Hindus on themselves. Nathuram Godse, a Hindu Nationalist from the environment of the RSS killed Mahatma Gandhi on 30. February 1948 with three shots.

With the anniversary of the death of Mahatma Gandhi, at the end of January 2020, the “Gandhi Sankalp Yatra”campaign to an end. Until then, the members of Parliament and the leadership of the BJP should have completed their 150-mile March. Board and lodging, the prominent pilgrims on the road in the villages. Who terminates prematurely, must appoint a Deputy, the journey is complete for him.