Sebastian Vettel in the battle with Charles Leclerc with an exclamation mark


Sebastian Vettel drives during the formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix in an error-free race and is the answer to the criticisms of the past few days. Vettel shines, Ferrari team-mate Charles Leclerc annoyed.

As the first sounds of the German national anthem could be heard, began to Shine in the eyes of Sebastian Vettel, but a little to to. Maybe it was just the beaming floodlights, the Large price of Singapore will be extended. As then in honor of the victory racing team, rich has also played the Italian anthem, grinned Vettel as wide as it is long and thin with the Italian mechanics who joined in the bottom thrilled.

With an economical Facial expression of the runner-up Charles Leclerc, also a Ferrari man stood next to it and looked rather as if just died, his Hamster. As the celebrations and the champagne celebrations were over, left the young Monegasque then in a flash the stage.

Vettel: “Got everything Packed into the car”

392 days Vettel had to on this success to wait. Most recently, he stood in the Grand Prix of Belgium in the year 2018 at the very top of the Podium. Especially the last few weeks, in which Leclerc won first in Spa and then at Monza, must have been hell for the very ambitious Vettel. The Younger, the actual number two, was well on the way to displacing Vettel as number one at Ferrari, Vettel seemed to have no answer to that – occasionally, he was already near, about a career, the end of thinking.

“The last weeks were not easy for me, but I get so much support, so many letters and messages from people who have allocated me courage,” said Interview with Vettel after the race in the winner. “All I Packed today in the car.”

No team orders in favour of Leclerc’s

After Vettel was caught up in the previous race of the season, often times by the Boxing tactics and the strategy of the Teams in the race or the qualifications that prepared him to be a Team this time, the path to victory. As one of the first of the top drivers Vettel was called in the Box. He moved to number three lying to 20 of 61 laps, the tires, and drove with hard Tyres back on track.

Vettel is in the pits as the first to go, and gives a decisive advantage

A round later, Leclerc came in the Box, however, Vettel was on his new rubber so quickly that he pushed a smidge before the Leclerc. So in the disadvantage of failing reacted in a Huff and complained several times on the radio with his Team. Unlike other races Vettel has not been stopped, but the Monegasques over allow.

Open battle for number one at the Scuderia

Instead, the four-time world champion showed that he is still one of the best drivers in the field. He kept Leclerc scores and did not irritate that due to accidents and abandoned cars three times the Safety Car had on the track. Three times Vettel won the flying restart scores. Leclerc had the Look. “It’s not nice to lose a victory,” said the 21-Year-old after the race, still annoyed about that, this time, from your own Team – to be willingly or not – has been discriminated against. “But it remains a double success for the Team, and I’ll come back stronger.”

At least, it is assumed that the ambitious Leclerc is the try. So Vettel’s success is in Singapore, an important sign that there is, with him, the fight for the Status as number one at Ferrari, however, goes further.

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