Bruce “The Boss” is Springsteen 70


Bruce Springsteen is a mirror image of the American spirit. He is one of the best stadium in musicians of all time. With his E Street Band, and he has shown in the 1970s and 1980s, what is more honest Rock.

Plaid shirt, tight Jeans, Cowboy Boots. The E-guitar in the muscular arms, sings Bruce Springsteen with the rough voice of the America from which he comes: the son of a laborer, grew up in a small town in New Jersey, South of New York City.

The conditions are modest, the father is frustrated and drinking is addictive. He learns there out of the boxes. At the age of ten he got his first guitar. He loves Elvis Presley, the rolling Stones and the Beatles and decides to become a musician. With the age of 16 he starts working for a local Band and takes with her two Singles.

Until the creation of his legendary E Street Band, and it will take a few more years, in which he collects in various combinations of Live and Studio experience. And then the record deal finally comes. In 1973, appears to be “Greetings From Ashbury Park, N. J.”, in the same year, The following “the Wild, The Innocent, And The E Street Shuffle”. Critics want to see the “new Bob Dylan” and predict the nearly 25-year-old Bruce Springsteen a great career.

Bruce Springsteen guitarist Nils Lofgren

Get out of the cage

But only later: with the 1975 Album “Born To Run”. In the title song to Bruce Springsteen sings the girl, Wendy, to go with him, just to get away from the city, which “rips the bones from your back” – sure, it’s his own home town, the “cage” from which he jumps out, right on Highway 9, in the gassed-up car with chrome rims.

The whole LP is of Dreams, of Freedom, of escape from the dreary daily grind musty small towns. A road movie is true: Springsteen’s first major U.S. Tour, “Born To Run” comes in at # 5 on the US Charts.

It’s like the rock fans, what is it that makes Springsteen as: honest, earthy Rock from the America of the working class, stories of tough guys with a soft heart. Springsteen describes the destinies of the Disadvantaged and Troubled, the people are no longer able to continue, but still to the Good, and the power of the indestructible American faith. But Pride and Patriotism will always ask again – what culminates in the probably most famous Song “Born In The USA”.

With “Born in the USA” to the Megastar

“Born In The USA” is by no means a Patriotic cheering song. It is a late settlement with the Vietnam war, and the sad fate of the Vietnam veterans who have not taken ten years after the end of the war, still walk in the rich America. In the Tradition of American protest singers such as Woody Guthrie or Bob Dylan, Springsteen reveals the downside of the American dream and shares his gloomy visions with the Rest of the world. And find the good.

Iconic Cover: “Born In The USA” (1984)

“Born In The USA” makes Springsteen in 1984, to the international Megastar. He toured the world, filling stadiums and playing to his Fans for up to five hours of continuous concerts. Springsteen and his E Street Band become the best live band of that time.

“The Boss” and his musicians (including Steven van Zandt and Nils Lofgren on guitars, the 2011 deceased Saxophonist Clarence Clemons, and in the background singing Springsteen’s future wife, Patti Scialfa) give from the first Note to the last power-Packed Shows at the Best, whose cross-section was released in 1986 in an extensive Box (“Live 1975-1985”). The stadium atmosphere in the living room.

“We Are The World”: As a political man, Springsteen is not missing in the project USA for Africa

Appearance of the Superlative in the GDR

Springsteen is one of the few Western rock stars, which occur in the GDR. 19. July, 1988, he returns to the velodrome Weißensee in East Berlin, the biggest stadium concert of his career. 160 000 tickets have been sold, but more than twice as many Fans were there. Some say even 500,000 people.

They all celebrate the free spirit from the distant USA, the largest class enemy of the socialist GDR regime. Springsteen wants you to call the Embassy “will Tear down all the walls” contrary – and this is after a Veto of the censors of this: “It’s nice to be in East Berlin. I’m not for or against a government. I’ve come to play Rock ‘n’ Roll for you.” Then he adds: “In the hope that one day will be knocked down all the barriers.”

Some say that this concert is the largest that has ever taken place on the floor of the GDR, it had opened the process up to the fall of the Berlin wall.

So 300,000 to 500,000 people from see… The legendary concert in East Berlin wrote music history

Many different musical paths

In 1989, Springsteen and his E Street Band, and separate temporarily. He makes solo more – and receives in 1994 for his Song “Streets of Philadelphia” an Oscar for the best film song in the cinema movie “Philadelphia”.

Springsteen produced solo albums and goes on tours – a small, acoustically. In 1999, the E Street Band is coming back to. While there is no new plate, but on an extended tour, Springsteen and the E Street Band prove that their live shows are still the best.

Springsteen’s new musical paths – busy with the Songs of the Ur-protest singer Pete Seeger, with other top-class musicians and Songs. Again and again it goes on a big Tour, the last of which Springsteen and the E Street Band in 2016 in Germany were to be seen.

Springsteen at a gig in 2012

Quieter Sounds

In June 2019, the last Studio album appeared. On the “Western Stars” is Springsteen became strangely quiet. With 70 years also the role of the rebellious working child might not be as credible. Springsteen sings still of failed personalities, but less of fighting than of Resignation, borders, and Empty.

Half of the US citizens feel in the face of a backward-looking President Trump to a carrier of hope, such as Barack Obama? If Yes, then Bruce Springsteen has also recorded with this plate the Zeitgeist of his American homeland.