Leipzig wins for the first Time in Bremen


Leipzig is shown in the case of “fear enemies” of Bremen ripped off and celebrates the next victory in the Bundesliga. The Team of Julian nail man shows that it is on the way to the top team and reclaim the lead in the table.

Bremen – Leipzig 0:3 (0:2)


Leipzig take back to Bavaria victory against Cologne in the standings in Bremen impressive. With a sovereign presence, the Team of Julian nail man shows that it can play in this season, probably at the very top and goes to the two Standards and the goals from Orban (13. Minute) and Sabitzer (35.) with a 2:0 lead at the break.

Place reference for Laimer

Of the not eligible course reference against Laimer brings RB just short of the concept, Sarrachi concerned with his goal in the 83rd. Minute the 3:0 victory, which is synonymous with the first victory ever in the case of “fear of opponents,” Werder, which had shown a courageous performance, but in the end, a clear and worthy subject.

The final WHISTLE

89. Minute: 3:0 Bremen, of course, pulled the plug. The game ripples now just in front of him.

83. Minute: GOAL – Haidara pulls to a in gift of Werner ab, Pavlenka can only obliquely to fend off and in the foot of MARCELO SARRACHIthat no effort has, as of 3:0 to be inserted.

78. Minute: Werner wants to Haidara put through, but the antzipiert and coasts of the Ball in the empty gap.

73. Minute: Bittencourt runs on Konate and falls. In the stands, a penalty is required, but that was too little.

70. Minute: corner of Bremen: First, miss Sargent, and then gets Pizarro his head to the ball not on goal-directed.

69. Min: Heavy Ball of Bargfrede on Bittencourt, of the but in receiving the ball into the Bush device and this Chance slip by.

66. Minute: EXCHANGE – Maxi Eggestein goes out, for him, comes PHILIPP BARGFREDE – his first assignment since March.

64. Minute: GELB_ROTE CARDKONRAD LAIMER drops the Ball with a header but the ball is a duel with Bittencourt on the Arm – to the annoyance of Leipzig shows Stieler him Yellow-Red. Probably a wrong decision.

63. Minute: EXCHANGE – Johannes Eggestein makes way for CLAUDIO PIZARRO.

60. Minute: Werner is free in the penalty area and includes a lot of effort on goal, from, Pavlenka is there. Then Laimer shoots from the second row and once again Werder’s Keeper is on the spot of the Ball, however, to the front of the bounce, but in the end, without consequences.

59. Minute: a Long edge of the ball of Eggestein, but Gulacsi is ahead of Sargent and pfückt the ball down.

57. Minute: Long and Goller with a misunderstanding of the game design, then it goes fast in the other direction, but Gebre-Selassie cook Nkunku finally clean from.

55. Minute: Nkunku is the monastery of man, but the Ball a little too steep.

52. Minute: Goller is sent, gets the Ball but also in the Fall, not in front of the goal line played.

49. Minute: Werner comes to the Ball in the penalty area and want to go to the far corner finishing – the Ball is coasting past the post.

48. Minutes: Sabitzer gives an edge in, Nkunku, putting his head to the ball from a promising Position on the target.


Leipzig occurs in Bremen, in the style of a top team that makes the opponent play without coming under too much pressure and fails with two Standards, freezing: First-Orban hits a corner to the leadership, then Sabitzer increases with a wonderful free-kick from 20 yards into the top corner. Bremen is active, but not comes to the clear opportunities it needs.


45.+1 Minute: Sabitzer with a gift of the Werder defense, but can clear.

43. Minute: Laimer looks for a Foul, a Yellow card.

39. Minute: the edge of the Long, Klaassen takes on and puts the Ball on goal. Then, the Werder captain protested loudly, because he wants to have seen to Gulacsis Parade a hand-held game on the goal line.

35. Minute: GOAL – a Standard, a goal! MARCEL SABITZER curls the free-kick in their own inimitable way in the angle – Pavlenka without a Chance.

31. Minute: in A heated scene on the other. Stieler has to bring peace in and not to see that the game is slipping away.

29. Minute: Konate looks Yellow, because he has the Ball after a foul on likes to shoot away. RB Coach nail man protested vociferously to the fourth Official.

27. Minute: The game is now more banter than football with the fine Blade. Werder has lost the wine a little the line, Leipzig is not from the back.

23. Minute: Laimer falls Bittencourt, then comes Klaassen head on rushes and checked out Mukiele way. Hustle, scramble, and a lot of work for referee Stieler.

20. Minute: Bremen with the second corner, but the device is much too short – weak corner.

19. Minute: Bremen makes the back pressure on the left, Konate comes not afterwards, but then goes Klaassens Ball.

16. Min: Bremen is not shocked with the surprising residue. The Kohfeldt-force builds, the game is quiet now. Now it is also available for Werder in the first corner.

13. Minute: goal – Nkunku takes the corner sharp in. In the middle is RB-captain WILLI ORBAN faster than Gebre-Selassie, and nods to the guide.

13. Minute: Werner gets the Ball out of their own half and initiated an attack on Sabitzer, the to a corner leads.

10. Minute: Werner is now time with the train to the gate, but Gebre-Selassie acknowledges the national player skillfully as rustic from.

8. Minute: Sargent goes with steam in the penalty area and then gets in a fight with Upamecano to the case. But the Bremen falls over his own feet, and there are no protests.

7. Minute: Leipzig is Werder right now, but so far everything is in the handle. Own offensive actions, there was not.

5. Minute: The next attack goes through the left and Bittencourt, of the but running.

2. Minute: first attack of the Bremen on the left with Bittencourt – there are throw-in, and then comes the new arrival back to the Ball and tried a shot but it is blocked.


18 p.m.: the lineups – Bremen: 1 Pavlenka – 4 Long, 23 Gebre Selassie, 36 wide, 32 Friedl – 35 Maximilian Eggestein – 10 Bittencourt, 30 Klaassen – 19 Sargent, 39 Goller – 24 Johannes Eggestein

Leipzig: 1 Gulacsi – 22 Mukiele, 4 Orban, 5 Upamecano, 6 Konate – 16 Klostermann, 27 Laimer – 7 Sabitzer, 20 Cunha – 18 Nkunku, 11 Timo Werner

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