League and co. from China: Illegal TV Streaming continues to boom


Pay a lot of money to see the latest movies, series or football games? Many Internet users can stream instead of illegally. Offers there are many – the recent RAID in Europe is expected to change little.

The Numbers sound impressive: more Than 200 illegal Server have taken investigators this week by the network. Server that supplied the illegal programs from the Pay-TV. The switched-off and seized computers were in Germany, France and the Netherlands in operation. But also in Greece and Bulgaria was established. According to estimates by the authorities of the harm to the legal providers is located at about 6.5 million euros. Of the European judicial authority, Eurojust, it was, you could recognize that organized crime had in the meantime expanded its activities in this area.

What the investigators do not say – but should know – the disused 200 servers are only a tiny part of the scene. There are lots of providers of illegal Streams. However, to actually arrive, is not at all easy. This is also due to the technology, with the help of Paid content today are widely used. Which makes it illegal to Offer, are often too easily. “Most hackers rely on the normal TV signal,” explains Nico Jurran, specialist editor of the computer magazine c’t. Two common methods there are.

Hack or share?

Often, hackers used to buy regularly the subscription of a Pay-TV provider. You receive the program you want to stream illegally, save the TV signal and remove the encryption. After that, this program can be distributed illegally.

The second possibility is the so-called “Card-Sharing”. “A real chip is powered card in a special Receiver”, so Jurran. The data from this map can then share, so that other users can watch the Pay-TV content.” The Pay-TV provider sold so a normal subscription, this but is used by dozens if not hundreds of spectators – also there’s a lot of money escapes the providers so.

The content is for viewers to illegal TV Streams particularly popular, with football, specifically the German Bundesliga. What is not a surprise, if you look at the price lists of the legal providers. After all, who wants to watch all the games of his favorite club legal – in addition to the League games, maybe the international games have to spend 20 to 30 Euro per month for it. The illegal Streaming seems more attractive, especially since you can find searching the Internet-fast, a whole series of these offers.

Bundesliga in China: A gateway for hackers

That there are so many illegal providers for football games, is also in the marketing strategy of the German Bundesliga. For some time the managers of the clubs try to make the League popular in China. Meanwhile, there are also Chinese television channels which broadcast Bundesliga games. While the Bundesliga is advertised in Germany as a premium product, it is not in China, by far, is still so popular – according to the transmitter may require not so high prices.

Nico Jurran, specialist editor of the computer magazine c’t

Add to this: in China, The broadcast programs are often easier to crack, so c’t-editor Nico Jurran: “The League is running in China as the fifth or sixth sport program. For the hackers it’s interesting because you pay a little for it to be able to receive. And often the technical backup of these programs is not as high as in Germany.” And is the TV Signal once decrypted, it can be easily streamed new – thanks to the Internet around the globe; also to return to Germany.

Pay-TV providers can exacerbate encryption limited

Nico Jurran does not believe, therefore, that the latest RAID brings the scene really is in distress: “What we have seen, this was one of many actions. But that cannot disguise the fact; it goes on for years.” And, although the Pay-TV providers have tightened their security measures considerably. A few years ago, it was very easy to crack the encryption; in the meantime, this has changed. The Pay-TV provider to send new encryption information to your code cards, the switch accordingly.

Transfers many Bundesliga games: the Pay-TV platform Sky

This, however, only up to a certain limit. “The channel can not go, because you have to make sure that people receive the legal to get a fault-free Signal. If someone has outdated TV technology, with the help of the works at once, also helped anyone.”, so Jurran. The illegal viewers to ban the Pay-TV broadcaster would need to therefore change on a permanent basis on a different technique. “In the longer term, you will make the good so that I have to constantly have a back channel via the Internet.”

Pay-TV-Receiver-function home

In practice, this means: The Receiver of the Pay TV provider needs to be connected to the Internet and regularly reports back to the provider. The only way to ensure that neither the receiving card’s been tampered with, the Receiver. For a Hacker it would make the business much harder. Whether it can bind to illegal Streaming completely under, but it’s still questionable. The RAID this week has also shown: In the illegal business a lot of money; it is also about 150 PayPal accounts have been blocked. And as a rule, only against the vendor but not against the users of illegal Streaming services is determined, is likely to go the business further. How often: Where there is a night issue, there is an offer. Whether legally or illegally, many people doesn’t matter.