Barbara Kruger with the Emperor ring 2019 excellent


The US-American conceptual artist Barbara Kruger has been awarded the prestigious Kaiser ring of the city of Goslar. The undoped art prize is regarded as one of the world’s most important awards for contemporary art.

The 74-Year-old accepted the award in the historic Kaiserpfalz

Kruger looking for more than 40 years in large format paintings, installations, Videos and works in the public space of the complex relationships between Power and society, – is spoken in the statement of the Jury.

To see one of the art installations of Kruger’s, 2018 in Buenos Aires

Their Work is of critical interventions with which they reveal the depths of the capitalist system and the deceptive temptations of consumerism. “Scarcity, precision, impact force of two to three words that characterize enlightening, which can be fatal, Kruger’s works,” said the Jury Chairman Wulf Herzogenrath.

Kruger: “Very touched”

The US-American conceptual artist Barbara Kruger on stage at the awarding of the Kaiserring-2019

Kruger, who canceled her participation in a press conference on short notice, said, according to the city, in a discussion with students in Goslar, there are millions of ways to create art: “I’m just working only with images and words.” Following the awarding of the prize, you had said: “I am very touched that you chose me as the winner of the senior Emperor ring and I will belong to the circle of all these great artists and colleagues.”

Works by Barbara Kruger in Goslar, Germany, until January 2020

The undoped Emperor ring, reminiscent of the in the year 1050 in Goslar, – born of the Emperor Henry IV., is awarded annually since 1975. With him, image be assessed at the end of the artists for her contributions to contemporary art. Former prize winners include Max Ernst, Joseph Beuys, Christo, Gerhard Ritter, Jenny Holzer and, most recently, Isa Genzken and Wolfgang Tillmans are.

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